ReConfigured: Her Curves Refute Darwin, Dawkins, Et Al.

Just look at those curves contoured

beneath the ankle-length skirt she chose.

Beneath that long hem, her feet are bare;

or sheathed in stockings the color of the sky---

a darker opaque blue encloses her heels and toes.

Troublesome, a pair of slender-strapped sandals

dangles in one hand, and where she walks---

shoeless---then defines itself as holy ground.

The randomly jagged lines of evolution

could not have effected that shape, that smile,

nor the soul that inhabits that beautiful physique.

And the peaks of pleasure delivered to

and by her fulsome, naked love

can never be reduced to the mere mechanics of

the urge to perpetuate the species.

Through her the cosmos evalutates itself,

and is pleased to be, and renders thanks.

without fear of entropic annihlation;

with faith in a very present redemption

that she expresses in every moment

that offers her exquisitely unshod entrance.



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