Yes, A New Version Of An Old Date, July 10th, 1976

The right essence, the proper nomination---

more than the other pen names I have used---

will prove the last, and not to be refused:

the final in a long line of formation;

and, Heavenward, the chosen appellation.

Perhaps the long search has been quite absurd;

perhaps too many choices seen and heard

by friends who reached the last of toleration.

What may seem like a strange anomaly,

a quirk, perhaps of personality

(or tricks Betty and Lloyd had played on me),

I have no choice left in this mystery:

the answer is found in my history---

an evening, and the earth turning





Author's Notes/Comments: 

They tell me that Stendhal (mundanename, Henri Beyle) struggled both with identity issues and with finding a comfortable pen name (screen name, had he lived in the Internet age), using over a hundred before he settled.

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