+ Epigram On The Church Toward Which I Go


The Church I love always puts Jesus, our Lord, First;

and says that He is Final, and, as such, the Last;

and not some desert fathers' thinking, long rehearsed;

or some professor's writing in collegiate past.

The Church does not squelch Scriptures' poetry

but makes of it salutary appropriation
of Heaven's, Revelation's, perfect liturgy.

It says Today, not then, the offer of Salvation;

and daily we have access to sanctification.

Into this Church, I shall, henceforth, bring all the poems

ahead; this Church, that once met in the catacombs;

this Church that has, with holy faith, converted Rome's

precincts and stood sturdy beyond that empire's fall;

the Church of those Apostles, Saints Peter and Paul.





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