Epigram To Francesca; About Us, July 2, 1976---Jan 9, 1978

Together---that brought an expectation

(the seventies, and all, and our dating tradition);

apart---disclosed an appreciation

which I denied, for the duration---

of that appalling condition;

and of bystanders' condemnation.

Now, age's accretion

demands a revision

in this time's inspiration.






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maybe a second chance,real

maybe a second chance,real love always deserves another shot

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Sorry for my delay in

Sorry for my delay in replying.  No this was not really love, just puppy love, my first love in high school, and then we were at the same college where her lifestyle choices broke us up.  That was 1978.  I did not get over her until I met Lady Certainly, who became my second wife, in 1992.



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no problem,you`re welcome

no problem,you`re welcome