MHz 27.225: From Algol Variations, The Autohyphenians' Creed

The Universe is one huge, vast, indifference.
It cares for no sentient being's small experience.
To hope for otherwise is a pathetic whim:
the stars, toward their own darkness, burn all that more dim.
Despite the Universe's purest apathy,
some cling to, hope in, and pray for a destiny:
and in the interstices of this desperation,
we AutoHyphenians find our true vocation.
From Algol's distance, through uncharted channels----fierce
for our own lusts we frolic in our subtle rape
of others.  From our clutches, none seek to escape;
and none return.  (Do you still search for Bitter Bierce?)
From Algol, we invade your broadcasts and your televisions.
From Algol, we scatter our jizz through all your dreams.
"Marked predators, their webs reel in our weak conditions,
and feed upon the vast repast of our shrill screams."
So wrote the false prophet, the blind, mad Elymas,
in his collection, Algol's Possessions Ravenous.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A couple of notations:  "Bierce" refers to the nineteenth century writer, Ambrose Bierce, who ultimate fate has never been positively identified.


Elymas, a false prophet, blinded in punishment of his opposition to the Apostles, Paul and Barnabas, in Acts 13.


Algol's Possessions Ravenous is a collection of poems and dialogues (modeled, some scholars believe, after Plato's Dialogues), functioning as a grimoire, from the first century A.D., ascribed to Elymas as a vehicle to describe the horrifying visions he had during his blindness.  
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