What Tomorrow looks like – if we let it


Joe – lives in the world of tomorrow.

It hasn’t come yet.

It isn’t here.

But it’s on the way.


Joe too – is on the way.

He’s in the womb.

In that love-world of amniotic dreams.


But his time there – is almost up.


Soon – he will meet the world.

And the world,

will wake him from his dreams.


It won’t be the same world

that we met,

when we were born.


It will be a very different world.



The big forests – will be gone.

The diversity of Nature – will be narrowed.

The sea will not be leaping – with as many species.


The streams and rivers – the mountains and meadows

The lakes – the landscape – the air,

will not be the same.


None of it – will be the same.



the people of now,


did not think of tomorrow.







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patriciajj's picture

Absolutely brilliant. This

Absolutely brilliant. This may be the best environmental poem I've read yet, especially with that last line that really packs a punch. Thank you so much for caring about our only world and for expressing it so powerfully.