Checkbooks & the Lonely Land of the Dead

i get so incredibly lost in the world



it's just so damn hard to look at


that I don't enter it

very often


i just spend a lot of time

swirling it around

my head, like a snowball inside my thoughts


physically, trying to remove it

from my conscience

so that

all the poison inside of me

can drain out


and sometimes, everything just pours out

from loneliness


not from isolation, mind you

but from living among the myriad

of dead


because I live in the city of London

but have no commonality

with the dead


so it becomes a lonely place for me


and the loneliness, only goes away

when I'm alone


breathing free,

in some sunken corner of Nature


where there are no voids,

no complacencies,

no people


where everything has a place, a voice

a function


where the hollow drum

of the soul,

fills with vibration and life again


because joy is connection

with the earth


and a sandy shore

is the greatest and best friend,

to my bare feet


and I promise never to wear shoes

so long

as we are in love


only the trees and the bees

and a few women

will see my bare nakedness


and I will have nothing else to care about


because we both know,

that beauty doesn't need a fashion magazine

to dress the sky


and she doesn't care about the label - stitched inside

your panties

when you drop your skirt


because in that moment - among the snakes

and grasshoppers

we are one


So tonight - we whistle naked between the sheets

to the sound of barred owls

beneath the stars

making love - to the nocturnal orchestra of river frogs

that sing to an early June moon


but come Monday morning - we will go back

to the lonely land of the dead


Back to the land - of numbers and checkbooks

and crowded tube trains



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This begins as a fairly good

This begins as a fairly good poem, but from the line "everything has a place, a voice," it becomes more than fairly good, it evolves into greatness right before the reader's eyes.


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That's a fine glowing comment

That's a fine glowing comment you made, and is highly appreciated.