It's Hell Missing You

Old Loves

To dream is just an idle nightmare,
My heart is left cold, empty, and bare.
My every thought, my every hope,
Has left me and I don’t know how to cope.
With you I could fly, my heart was free.
I was allowed to fantasize, allowed to be me.
Without you I am destined to die,
My life feels like one drawn out lie.
A life full of love and plenty,
Has been erased, leaving me feeling empty.
All my prayers, all my dreams
Are aching with loneliness, full of screams.
It is you alone that I love,
You alone, who sent my world spinning above.
I can’t fathom a life without you,
It is your heart that my own calls out to.
My every emotion torn apart,
I still love you with all of my heart.
You are my every wish, my every desire,
It is you who kindles my passion to fire.
You have left me standing in the night
Longing for your presence, longing for your light.
Now I stand here alone, dazed, confused, lost.
I would sacrifice anything—no matter the cost,
Just for one moment of being yours,
To feel those feelings, to soar.
I need you to come back, I need your love.
I will die without you, be shunned from heaven above,
Descend into hell, be forced to endure the pain
For all of eternity, over and over again.

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Kyle Conboy's picture

This is a really great write Heather, probobly one of your best. It conveys such a feeling of loss, forcing the reader to empathise.