A to Z of Good Thinking

A - Appreciate what you already have.

B - Believe in yourself, or no-one else will.

C - Consider all options, wherever possible.

D - Don't be quick to judge. No-one is perfect.

E - Eat healthily to promote holistic well-being.

F - Family and friends are important. Try not no alienate them.

G - Good humour makes for a good atmosphere.

H - Have confidence in your own abilities.

I - Incessant criticism is demeaning. Be constructive where possible.

J - Join forces with like-minded people to achieve greater goals.

K - Kind words can be comforting and healing.

L - Love is an invaluable commodity, worth more than any riches.

M - Make each day count for something.

N - No crime is ever victimless. Someone always has to pay.

O - Open your heart and mind, to let love and knowledge enter.

P - Patience may well be a virtue, but it takes practice.

Q - Question everything. Take nothing for granted.

R - Roll with the punches, and some of life's blows will be minimised.

S - Stop procrastinating. If something needs doing, do it.

T - Take wise counsel when life-changing decisions must be made.

U - Unlimited access to something is not always good.

V - Volunteering can be admirable, but don't take on more than you can handle.

W - Worrying never changed anything. Try not to worry.

X - Xenophobia is never acceptable.

Y - Your actions reveal who and what you are.

Z - Zoom in on what you are good at, and become even better.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Horse sense: I have classified this as a prose piece, but it could just as easily be labelled a "List Poem."  

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Your A-Z reveals that you are

Your A-Z reveals that you are a consciously creative and thought-full artist Wink

Thanks for sharing it with us. Blessings...

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Thank you

Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

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It Will Get Better

Bye and bye.



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Thank you

We can only hope so. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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A condensed encyclopedia for

A condensed encyclopedia for abundant living—each little gem of advice offering volumes of peace and happiness to those wise enough to follow it, and each composed with the authority and insight of a scholar in this challenging school of life. 


A valuable, compact instruction manual. Thank you. 



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Thank you

Most of this A-Z is common sense, but I thought I'd share these musings anyway. Thank you for reading and commenting.