Prime Time

Millstones and mishaps all mess with my mind.

I have no idea of what I may find

Tomorrow, next week, or even next year;

Yet freedom is one thing that I hold dear.

Anchors and anvils are weighing me down;

They're keeping me here, in this one-horse town!

The call of the wild now cries out in vain;

I fear I may never leave here again!

Hitches and hurdles are lurking close by,

But that does not mean that I should not try

To loosen my shackles and lighten my load.

I dream of adventure, down a new road.

"Hope springs eternal" a poet once said.

Faith and good fortune are surely not dead!

I'll find the right moment, biding my time,

Then off I will fly, straight into my prime!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2020

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saiom's picture

  I love the rhythm, rhyme,


I love the rhythm, rhyme, and message of this poem



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Thank you

Thank you, saiom. Glad you liked it.

allets's picture

Post C-19


I will not fly, but hobble along to some small adventure away from here Is the plan. A poet laureate and librarian at DPL Main asked me to read. There's that and the novels - a few branches to reach for. I did 2 plays - who knows? :D






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You are too modest about your writing talents, Stella. Keep on writing! Thanks for the visit, and comment.

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Just Somethin' To Do

Eventually, Covid will be conquered and I can get to a live reading. Miss that. ~S~



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Social lives on hold

Sadly, we have all had to miss social events due to the scourge of Covid-19. Let's hope things can return to something like normal in the not too distant future.