Old Man

The driver at the traffic light is waiting for a change.

The new kid on the block is feeling kind of strange.

The sacrificial lamb still doesn't know its fate.

   An old man sits thinking he's probably too late.

The clock in the hallway struggles to keep time.

The poet in his study is searching for a rhyme.

The oak tree in the meadow is reaching for the sun.

   An old man now ponders and thinks his race is run.

The blackbird on the fence is happy just to sing.

The goldfish in the bowl knows barely anything.

The youth who once was lost has somehow found his way.

   An old man sits alone, with nothing left to say.

The jury can't decide what verdict it should reach.

The speaker is confused as he bumbles with his speech.

The king has lost his crown, and thinks of what he had.

   An old man remembers when he was once a lad.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2015


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Starward's picture

I am presuming---and please

I am presuming---and please correct me if this is a misread---that the poem was inspired by the statue:  and I applaud the ekphrasis you have written.  It also describes, very well, one of the conditions of my life, lately, and so it became a very intense reading experience for me.  Thank you for posting it.


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Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

Thank you, Starward, for your comment. The poem was not actually inspired by the statue. I just selected this photo from my files, to go with the poem. However, the poem was inspired by a pencil drawing I saw of an old man, who looked quite pensive and world weary. Thank you for your interest. I wish you well.

allets's picture

What is name

of sculpture and sculptor and location? 



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Thanks for the visit.

I don't know the name of the sculpture, or who it is by. It was in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, about 12 miles from where I live. The park has some permanent exhibits, by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, but the other sculptures are often temporary exhibits. A delightful place to go. Thanks for the visit. 

allets's picture

Seated Man II

By Dame Elisabeth Frink - just did a viewing of her work on line. Phenomenal. Thank you. I've been to a museum!  ~(:D)-  Lady A ~




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Elisabeth Frink

Of course! Dame Elisabeth Frink! I remember now, there was another sculpture of hers in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, called "Standing Man." Thanks for jogging my memory!