Road Musician

He's an aging road musician,
Still playing his guitar;
His fingers gnarled and stiffened.
Too late to be a star.

He's restless and he's rootless;
He'll never settle down.
The road goes on forever,
From town to dreary town.

He sleeps in cheap motel rooms,
And eats his meals alone.
It's been that way for years now,
And time has simply flown.

He's had his share of romance,
But that's all in the past.
He rarely thinks about it;
Love wasn't meant to last.

He doesn't write new songs now;
He sticks with what he's got.
Resigned to where fate led him —
Accepting of his lot.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2020

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Cascade's picture

I knew someone like this. He

I knew someone like this. He died doing what he loved. This poem reads like a folk song of it's own. Reminds me of Kenny Rogers or Bob Seger. Wonderfully done, dear poet.

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

I do write songs besides poetry. I have turned a few of my poems into songs, but not this one (not yet, anyway). Glad you like it.

word_man's picture

i liked it,we can all relate

i liked it,we can all relate to it

ron parrish

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Thank you, word_man. Glad you could relate to this.

patriciajj's picture

This was one of my favorites

This was one of my favorites on your other site and I'm thrilled to read it again: a poignant, folksy, organic and superb portrait of a musician living on talent and memories. One of your greatest hits! 

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

I am an amateur musician myself. Many years ago I did a few paid gigs locally, but this poem is not autobiographical. I suppose it could almost have been about me, had I taken a different path. Thank you for reading, and for your kind words.

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Turn The Page

"Out there in the spotlight

you'r a million miles away.

Every ounce of energy

you try to give away

as the swear pours out your body

like the music that you play."


Lyrics about emotional state of the musician are very enlightening. A roadsong.




Silver_Birch's picture

Ah! Bob Seger!

I love Bob Seger. Of course, he is a true star, not just a road musician. I am an amateur musician, although I did a few paid gigs back in my younger days. I still enjoy playing and singing - in the comfort and privacy of my own home! Thanks for the visit and the words!