Birdsong hit the morning air

As sunrise kissed the sky.

Lingering stars reduced their glare

And softly said goodbye.

Wispy clouds turned red and gold,

While trees stretched out and yawned.

Rabbits scampered by the fold;

Another day had dawned.

Another day in which to toil,

Or dream, or make ends meet.

The farmer on his own good soil;

The beggar in the street.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2015

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darkpool's picture

I think it's the dichotomy of

I think it's the dichotomy of the last two verses that endear this poem to me.

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

Thank you for the visit, and for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the read.

patriciajj's picture

With captivating

With captivating personification and a serene sense of movement, you recreated the drama of a new day opening its arms to all living beings, each greeting the same unstoppable sun in its own way. Glorious work. 


The bunny was an adorable bonus! 

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

Thank you for your kind words, Patricia. Much appreciated.

allets's picture

Great Bunny Pix

I have a thing for bunnies! 




Silver_Birch's picture

Thanks for dropping by,

Thanks for dropping by, allets. Near where we live there is an enclosed field where several rabbits run freely about. It is private land and the owner keeps the walls secure, so the rabbits don't have any dogs (or humans) to trouble them. I took this photo using a telephoto lens, and then I cropped it to get a real close-up. A young rabbit, cuddly and cute.

Januarian's picture

What a FANTASTIC use of a

What a FANTASTIC use of a medieval literary tradition brough forward to tell us what the timeless things are!  And it uses a very conversational tone and rhyme scheme to disclose from very profound morning effects.  My eye stumbled once, at the third line, but other than that, I enjoyed the poem immensely.  Not to ask a favor, but I sure would like to see a companion piece, a Nocturne, from you---so that your verse both opens and closes the day.  Your aubade is a poem of which to be very proud.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

Thank you for reading and commenting. Glad you liked it. I did write a poem called "Nocturne" back in 2010. I think it probably subconsciously influenced the later poem "Aubade" because similar imagery appears in both poems. They were never really meant to be companion pieces, but I may dig out "Nocturne" and post it anyway. 

Cascade's picture

This indeed is a morning love

This indeed is a morning love song. A beautiful one! I particularly loved your trees stretching and yawning. This poem is alive and made me smile. Thank you!

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

Thank you, Cascade, for reading, and for your kind comments.