A Tale of Two Mirrors

The mirror that hung in the hall

Posed problems, for you and for me.

Although it looked chic on the wall 

On that point we both could agree.

But you said, "This just will not do!

I can't see my nose nor my mouth!

I put this proposal to you 

We move this thing six inches south!"


I looked in the mirror and said,

"I'm sorry but I don't agree.

I can't see the top of my head!

The mirror needs raising, you see."

These problems were quickly resolved,

With only a soupçon of thought.

Some outlay was clearly involved 

A much LARGER mirror was bought!

copyright © Robert Haigh 2018





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patriciajj's picture

I'm so pleased that you're

I'm so pleased that you're now blessing us with your signature wit here n Post Poems. I love this cunning illustration of compromise, a skill that would make this world a far better place if more people practiced it. 


A larger mirror . . . Of course! Enjoyable work. 

Silver_Birch's picture

Thank you

Thank you, Patricia, for welcoming me to Post Poems, and thank you for reading and commenting.

allets's picture

Some Solutions

stare you right in the face. 





Silver_Birch's picture


Yes, some problems are more easily solved than others. Thanks for reading and commenting.

WILLIAM377KEITH's picture

Excellent poetry, with rhyme

Excellent poetry, with rhyme and rhythm and meaning.

Silver_Birch's picture


Thank you again for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.