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San Antonio, Texas

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art in general...graffiti, portraits, pen&ink, pencil, son and daughters, my beautiful wife, eating, music, friends....i dunno...just whatever....why do you have to ask so many questions?

im 33 yrs old...gotta whole lot going on in my life, love to draw...but i seem to find myself writing from time to time...some of the stuff probably doesnt make sense to the reader, but its not about them, its about me...and it probably doesnt make sense because you havent walked through the world in my shoes....imagination is the strongest chapter in the mind...theres no denying i let mine flow as it pleases, capture it in ink, and introduce it to the world...

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Hates to get picked on;
Sort of an antisocial, and;
Almost hermit-like...withdrawing itself into its little hole;
Ever since it was cut off and left on its own.

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''there's nothing more dangerous than an artist with a pen....''


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