Satish Verma

We always searched for the center, 
the dark hole of a naked mind. 
World moved in concentric rings, 
like onion peels. 
I scream at myself, 
on the absurdity of finding, 
A truth which had expired. 

If the trees could talk in end, 
and bail out 
the saint of fallen apes 
I will start measuring, 
the deafness of a storm, 
its eyes squinting 
and whose deep genitalia, 
had delivered a still birth. 

Why should we mourn 
for the unfolding disaster? 
The loneliness and despair, 
are not the big themes. 
And no body cares to listen, 
to the ripped confessions. 
A purple patch appears on the green heart.

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"...bail out/the saint of

"...bail out/the saint of fallen apes..." if the tree is a rood and the bail out redemption and humanity then absurdities abound. :D slc


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Great powerful poem I feel

Great powerful poem I feel the middle stanza could be left out and it would still be as powerful! Fantastic write! Of course I expect nothing less from you x hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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