2020 Candidates and Their Crimes Against Animals

2020 Candidates and Their Crimes Against Animals
The very worst is Donald Trump.
202 of the many ways Trump has harmed and killed animals


Joe Biden, promoter of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Promoter of drone strikes.
Pusher of vivisection billions (painful torture of animals in labs).
Dem candidates: Amy Klobuchar, pawn of MN dairy industry,
Kamala Harris cooks baby lambs for her guests. voted
for illegal war $, has had 2 secret meetings with AIPAC, American lobbyist for Netanyahu
  and the IDF bulldozing of the Gaza Zoo with the animals inside.
Pete Buttigieg of South Bend chose to be part of US govt
bombing of animals in Afghanistan.

Tulsi Gabbard also chose to be part of the illegal wars of the US government which included dozens of ways the military harm animals.
Steve Bullock, Montana governor, promotes cattle and sheep industries.

 Kirsten Gillibrand,
not even registering 1% in some polls, was a voice for hunters and the NRA. When she switched rrom her hunter dominated

district to the state of NY, she knew it was in her political interest to seem to switch.

War's violence to animals is not being discussed in corporate media nor by candidates. Illegal US wars are not even among the top 2 issues in pig murdering Iowa.


Howard Schultz, independent candidate and billionaire. Some of his fortune

is from cream and milk mongering as a CEO of Starbucks . A meme says "How does 1 kill a calf in 1 easy step?" The answer is 'drink milk'.


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