Henhawk Nancy Pelosi Tries To Derail Impeachment Of Trump

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1. Nancy Pelosi is a henhawk who has voted for every illegal immoral war perpetrated by the US since she has been in office. As such she has been a cocreator of 3 million Venezuelan refugees, millions of Syrian refugees, millions more starving in Yemen from Saudi bombing backed by Israel, countless human deaths, the splatter of Syrian toddlers' body parts all over the road, the bombing of billions of animals, birds, reptiles, bees and butterflies and trees.
2. She has orchestrated the diversion of
38 billion a year from America's poor to
the the violent regime of Benjamin Netanyahu.
3. She has tried to muzzle those who criticize AIPAC or Netanyahu, labeling them antiSemitic. Those who criticize Netanyahu are not Judaophobic but promoters of peace and nonviolence.
4. Pelosi supports vivisection (research on and murder of captive lab animals)
5. She has worked to derail the impeachment of Donald Trump.
6. Her operatives have privately met with
insurance companies to ensure them she will not allow single payer health care.
7. She has helped to bloat international banksters with ballooning interest payments on the national debt, a debt which takes more than half the US annuall income in interest payments.

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Your version of her makes her seem almost Republican. :>)