Crimes Of The 5 Republican Injustices On The US Supreme Court

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Supreme Court Republican pentocracy crimes
a. judicial serial murders or executions

b. theft of presidential election in 2000
c. theft of $ awarded John Thompson for 14 years in prison in Connick V Thompson
d. Citizens United decision allowed billionaires to buy elections

e. defense of racist gerrymandering in Ohio and Florida and of Jon Husted's illegal removal of 1 million nonRepublican voters from Ohio's rolls
f. rubberstamping of illegal immoral wars

g. The US Supreme Court is the only nonelected branch of govt. making the US an oligarchy not a democracy.. the 'least democratic' of the 3 branches of government.

h. SCOTUS ended protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act

i. SCOTUS quashed California's right to limit forced arbitration

j. allowing killer justices such as dovehunter Gorsuch to sit in judgment of others



Chief Injustice Roberts: Torture & War Advocate, Executioner, Racist  

The US in 1789 led the world as a democratic government. Now the first has become the last among
alleged democracies.


Chief Injustice John Roberts, Advocate Of Torture, War, Execution, Racist Gerrymandering



1. Chief "Justice" John Roberts doesn't want cameras in the court,
underlining just how antidemocratic the court is.
2. Roberts worked since the 80's to end the Voting Rights Act and succeeded.
This was one reason that Brett Kavanaugh recommended that the fraudulently
elected G W Bush nominate him
for the Court.
3. Then Roberts voted to let the Republican racist gerrymandering of Texas & Ohio stand
4. Next he voted to uphold the Republican racist ND law directed against Native Americans,
requiring that people on reservations have street addresses (many reservations
don't have named streets) in order to vote.
5. Roberts and Kavanaugh both wrote legal briefs advocating torture.
6. Roberts did not disclose that he was an epileptic.
7. Roberts, Kavanaugh, Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas (4 Catholics and an Episcopalian)
define themselves as prolife when they are serial judicial killers of prisoners
who rubber stamp war and have not defended the rights of animals.
8. Roberts, Alito and Thomas voted with Scalia and Kennedy (all Republicans)
that money was speech, opening the door for the further sale of democracy
to the highest bidders, the billionaires such as Mercer and the Koch Brothers.
9. Roberts was able to return the quid pro quo to Kavanaugh by secretly swearing
him in in a nontelevised ceremony.

10. The 5 Republicans are unionbusters. Gorsuch's vote

against labor was an eample of his lies as he broke his promise to senators made during the confirmation process.

This pentocracy of pawns of the plutocracy is inimical to democracy as they quash the will of the majority over and over again.

Who is guilty of contempt for this court? The entire world. The US is the only alleged democracy appointing unelected people to serve for life. The United States in 1789 led the world in democracy. Now the first has become the last
among those claiming to be democracies.

It is time to impeach Kavanaugh for repeated perjury, dovehunter Gorsuch for being nominated by a fraudulently elected Trump, Alito and Roberts for nomination by a fraudulently elected G W Bush. It is time for direct election of justices by the people and for terms of 9 or 18 years with 1 justice elected every 1 or 2 years.

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