The Sad Unethical Record OF William P Barr


William P Barr,  former employee of CIA and attorney general for 2 years in the G H W Bush regime, is being considered for nomination 

by Donald Trump.


1. Barr is opposed to women's sovereignty over their own bodies.

2. Barr's history includes wanting more and more prisoners in already crowded jails.

3. As an attorney for a telephone company Barr was responsible for scuttling some FCC rules.

4. Senator Rand Paul said William Barr thought the (unconstitutional) Patriot Act did not go far

enough in violating the privacy rights of Americans.

5. Barr also supported unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture.

6. Perhaps Trump likes most that William Barr re Iran Contra advised pardons for operatives by G H W Bush so that their crimes not lead to Bush who had with Woolsey (both as private citizens) met on March 12, 1980 with Iranian government operatives to negotiate

the treason of holding American hostages prisoners until election day.  Bush oversaw Oliver North's sabotage of Jimmy Carter's helicopter rescue mission.

7. William Barr was on the board of the warmonger and profiteer from animal murder Time Warner. He

clashed with the Dept of Justice over the merger of Time Warner with AT&T

8. Barr has advocated ever increasing power for the presidency and the Pentagon

9. Barr if confirmed is not considered likely to protect Mueller's investigation into the copious crimes of Donald Trump.

10. Barr worked for the CIA from 1973 to 1977 and then on G H W Bush's domestic policy staff before going to the Dept of Justice.  Barr was part of Operation Screwworm in which weapons were sent through Mexico as part of 

a drugs for arms operation. The book Compromised How The CIA Coopted the Presidency by Terry Reed and John Cummings describes the operation.

11.Barr wrote briefs justifying the illegal invasion of Panama and the arrest of Manuel Noriega (who wanted to be independent of the CIA distribution of drugs)

12. Barr also wrote briefs supporting the FBI's entering foreign soil

without the consent of host governments in order to kidnap people wanted by the US government.  He was a defender of FBI


13.  It is said that Barr sought the AG position. Unsolicited he dropped off a 20 page brief to Trump in which he states the president cannot be indicted for obstruction of justice, in effect saying that the president is above the law. If one can indict a 

VP, as happened to Agnew,one can indict a president.

Background: The Highway Of Death

The US Govt under Reagan-Bush supported Saddam Hussein with arms when Iraq fought Iran. When that war was over, G H W Bush ordered slant drilling from Kuwait into Iraq to provoke Saddam and sent April Glaspie to tell Saddam that the US (Bush) would take no action against Iraq re Kuwait Hussein made the mistake of believing the word of Bush and invaded Kuwait. Kuwait historically was part of Iraq. When the Ottoman empire broke up, an Anglo Iranian oil co (BP now) operative created Kuwait by drawing lines around the richest oil deposit area of Iraq. Agatha Christie opposed the British empire's oil policies  and inserted her opinions at least twice in stories. The empire had  recruited petropuppets and installied them on hastily constructed thrones. The result of the slant drilling and Bush emissary April Glaspie was Desert Storm and

the Highway of Death in which hundreds of thousands of fleeing refugees (elders children donkeys and dogs included) were carpetbombed by McCaffrey and Schwarkopf and bulldozed into graves. Sharon LaFraniere 1991




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