No To Kirsten Gillibrand


Fundraising Democrats are angry with Gillibrand who seemed like a Republican in the way she went after Al Franken who was framed. Gillibrand's 17 million dollar war chest is not from the usual Democrat fundraisers but partly a result of her Wall St. fundraising. She has revealed her own tax return but not the names of her Wall St and war profiteer investors.

Despite her war chest,in the Des Moines newspaper poll of Iowans Gillibrand did not receive a single vote.

Kirsten Gillibrand announced on Stephen Colbert's show in mid January 2019 her presidential candidacy. Not 1 person in the Des Moines Register poll 6 weeks later voted for her. In mid March she decided to have a second official opening of her campaign.


Kirsten Gillibrand, mentored by Republican D'Amato.. is a Trojan horse senator in the

Democratic Party who voted to continue the unconstitutional Patriot Act which gives the NSA unprecedented power. D'Amato stood with her at her swearing in ceremony. She also voted to fund the illegal immoral wars in which the Trump regime is involved.


In 2009 Gillibrand was known for her 100% prohunter proNRA record. 


Gillibrand orchestrated the pressure on Al Franken who unlike most of the other men who resigned because of

allegations by women was falsely accused. The campaign against Franken was a Republican plot which included

Rush Limbaugh and KABC employee Leeann Tweeden. When one does a search on Tweeden, it is rare to

find her images showing much clothing. Gillibrand nearly lost Democrats the Minnesota senate seat 


Kirsten Gillibrand besides being aligned to Rush Limbaugh & GOP operative LeeAnn Tweeden in calling for the ethical Al Franken's resignation also called for President Bill Clinton's who was in a private consensual relationship which was none of the govt's business.

Why was Lewinsky sent in as a sex agent of entrapment schooled by Linda Tripp of Delta Force &Lucianne  Goldberg of Regnery ? Because unlike Bush 1, Bush, 2, Obama & now Trump, Bill Clinton refused to wage an immoral illegal war against Iraq. Later chickenhawk John Bolton for G W Bush would write lies stating falsely that Iraq had yellow cake and WMD's.

Were Gillibrand's attacks on Al Franken and Bill Clinton

Democratic leaders makes one question. Is she  getting presidential campaign competitors out of the way. Were these actions her alignment to Republican objectives? Both?

Gillibrand's father Rutnik was in a co who leader was arrested for sex and human trafficking

Biden and Bloomberg have supported the illegal immoral wars our government is involved in.


Gillibrand attacked Bill Clinton saying he should have resigned.

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