12 Thoughts for Evangelical Christians Who Support Trump

to Trump supporting evangelical Christians: 


Trump promotes executions. Jesus stopped an execution in progress saying 'let him without sin cast the first stone'.


Trump causes starvation in Yemen, blocks food aid. Jesus said to feed the hungry,.


Trump kidnaps children of homeless migrants. Jesus said to shelter the homeless.


Trump spent his life cheating people out of money. Jesus said 'If thou wouldst be perfect sell all thou hast & give it to the poor'.


Trump opposes to govt. payments to those in need. In Matthew 20:1 Jesus says those who worked more should not complain if those who worked less receive the same pay.


Trump has given your tax dollars to support billionaire Saudis' bombing of Yemen. Jesus taught the commandment not to kill.


 Trump has killed animals in 100 kinds of ways. Jesus was an Essene vegetarian http://veganchristianity.wordpress.com


Trump is not interested in studying scripture. Jesus was an expert in all Hebrew scripture and taught the elders in the temple. http://jewishveg.com/schwartz


Trump has contempt for Muslims. Jesus spoke of the Good Samaritan who was kinder than many of his own faith.   http://islamveg.wordpress.com



Trump and Zinke are deforesting our country. Isaiah said 'break not the bruised reed'.


Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.. but Trump's 6000 or more lies are documented by the Toronto Star, Washington Post, and many other newspapers.

Jesus told Peter to put down his sword. As Gov Ventura and many others have said "'Thou shalt not kill' is not asterisked with exceptions." In Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and other countries Trump engages in immoral illegal security-harming wars


Whether or not Pres Abdel Fattah al-Sisi personally involved in bombings in 2016 -2017 of most ancient Christian churches in the world, those of Egypt's Coptic Christians, he hcras countless human rights crimes which are worse since he met with Trump.



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