Jared Kushner: Enabler Of The Violence of Netanyahu & Of Mohammad Bin Salman


Trump and Jared Kushner have some complicity in the torture and murder of Washington Post columnist and Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi. Kushner had given US intelligence on the Saudi crown prince's foes to him. The Saudis own the entire 45th floor of Trump Tower.

Kushner and his father in law have been with Saudi Arabia and Israel copartners of the war crimes of the Saudi government in bombing Yemen, adults and children, while starving millions.

Netanyahu is a friend of Charlie Kushner, Jared's father. He slept in Jared's bed once visitng the family.
Jared Kushner in a spirit of revenge kept Chris Christie from the Trump administration because Christie as a prosecutor had sent his father to jail.

Kushner also has in his karmic log the blood of Palestinians killed by Netanyahu after Kushner's visit to Jerusalem re US embassy opening there.
The Palestinians refused to meet with Jared Kushner because he was acting as a mediator in the MidEast while like Steve Mnuchin
long decided on forcing Jerusalem as the site of the US embassy.

Kushner like his father in law Trump and Trump's father has broken laws regarding New York City rent control as he tried to evict them all. Trump and his father falsified receipts inflating the cost of their repairs as an excuse for raising rent on the poor.


The corporate media while publicizing often the Russian involvement in Trump's election has been silent about Israel's involvement...  an Israel company

was represented at the much publicized Trump Tower

meeting. Netanyahu's actions were frequent and hidden.

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