The Racist Criminal Brian Kemp Is Running For Georgia Governor

Political Action


Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State, represents the cold icy claw of winter in its last attempt to cancel spring.

Kemp, Secy of State in Georgia since 2010, is criminally sitting on 53,000 voter applications, 70% of them black, more than double the per cent of blacks in the population. He has already removed 591,000 nonGOP voters , has shut down many polling sites in black areas. and is the man who will decide if he won the race for governor. People aren't told their applications are on hold.

Kemp tactics put fellow vote fraudster Karen Handel into Congress from Georgia's 6th. Last year he removed people from rolls on the eve
of the election without informing them. Georgia is one of last 7 states this year murdering prisoners in
racist systems.

Greg Palast, author of several books on vote fraud, has filed a lawsuit regarding Kemp's actions.

Vote Abrams.

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