82 Reasons to Impeach Perjurer Torture Advocate Injustice Brett Kavanaugh

*82 Reasons To Impeach Torture Advocate, Writer of Patriot Act, Operative Helping Invade Iraq, Unionbuster, Animal Abuser, Foe of the Environment, Pawn of the Plutocracy, Misogynist, Perjurer Brett Kavanaugh



Kavanaugh, new documents reveal, perjured himself in at least 5 areas, by force denied a teen abortion, by force prevented handicapped victims of guardians from refusing medical procedures, convinced Bush to nominate torture brief writing John Roberts, with Alberto Gonzales filled the 5th circuit with pro execution and antiabortion judges, making it the most executing circuit court of all,  helped Bush steal the election from Gore & illegally invade Iraq and Afghanistan, violated the privacy of President Clinton, denied slaughterhouse workers as he sided with a brutal Brooklyn slaughterhouse owner, denied worker rights in general, sided consistently with the rich over the poor, received the stolen files of Senator Leahy from a Republican spy, etc etc.


The National Archives officials have said they need til October to process 5 to 7 million pages. The Judiciary Committee has access to only 7%, and the public only to 4%. This censorship has never happened before. Meanwhile Senators Grassley, McConnell, Cornyn, Cruz, Hatch and others continue their scofflaw behavior.


 A majority of Americans opposed nominee for the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh and his record. He was nominated by Donald Trump for whom less than 1/4 of US eligible voters voted, a man whose campaign was studded with crimes of fraud.  Senators Booker, Warren, Feingold and others have said that Trump, under criminal investigation, should not nominate anyone. Others have said a fraudulently elected president has no legal right to nominate anyone. Why should citizens work to defeat the Kavanaugh nomination?





1. Kavanaugh Perjury In At Least 6 Areas To Senators

 a. Kavanaugh perjured himself under oath denying his involvement in torture briefs, the nomination of judges William Pryor who called Roe V Wade an abomination and of Charles Pickering, the receiving of stolen goods, and warrantless wiretapping.

 The NY Times editorial board has said Kavanaugh can't be trusted.

b  Kavanaugh has a phenomenal memory until it comes to areas in which he acted criminally or immorally.
Kavanaugh said of his own nomination by Trump: 'No President has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.' An absurdity. Trump through Don McGahn outsourced to Leonard Leo of the rightwing Federalist Society the selection of a list of candidates from whom he selected Kavanaugh. From the list of less than 2 dozen names selected the man who was most likely to support the concept of unlimited executive power




 Kavanaugh perjury about blackout drinking:
Liz Swisher, classmate at Yale, now a doctor, described herself as a friend of Kavanaugh in college, said she was shocked that — in an interview focused largely on his high school years and allegations of sexual misconduct — he strongly denied drinking to the point of blacking out.

 “Brett was a sloppy drunk, and I know because I drank with him. I watched him drink more than a lot of people. He’d end up slurring his words, stumbling,” said Swisher, a Democrat and chief of the gynecologic oncology division at the University of Washington School of Medicine. “There’s no medical way I can say that he was blacked out. . . . But it’s not credible for him to say that he has had no memory lapses in the nights that he drank to excess.”


 d. Kavanaugh's Yale roommate James Roche said that Kavanaugh was belligerent when drinking


 e. Kavanaugh lied about his own meaning of the words

 'boof' and 'devil's triangle'

 e. "For 10 years everyone who appeared in my court praised my judicial temperament."  (a gross exaggeration said by Kavanaugh under oath)

f. Chad Ludington, Yale classmate, one of several who have said that Kavanaugh perjured himself.

 2. Theft of 2000 Election

 Judge Brett Kavanaugh helped G W Bush, Jeb Bush, 5 GOP justices of the Supreme Court etc. steal the election in which the majority of voters voted for Al Gore.

 3 Torture

 Kavanaugh convinced G W Bush to nominate John Roberts, who wrote briefs advocating torture, to the Supreme Court. He worked to have John Yoo, advocate of torture of detainees, nominated to the judgeship. Kavanaugh perjured himself in regard to his involvement in promoting torture.


 4 Kavanaugh Is Hostile To International Law Such As Geneva Convention


 5 Kavanaugh Promoted The Iraq War

Kavanaugh facilitated G W Bush's illegal immoral wars, as both played as colonizing cowboys of imperialism.
6 Opposes Net Neutrality

Kavanaugh wrote net neutrality violates the 1st amendment.
The truth is the opposite. He is on the side of huge media companies who want to censor and slow down freedom of speech on the internet.Kavanaugh was overruled by other judges on the DC Circuit Court. He is opposed to net neutrality while  the majority ruled broadband is a utility not a luxury. Because of Republicans who agree with him, huge media companies are now blocking websites, censoring content, and slowing down websites at will.

7 Kavanaugh Believes Guardians Have The Right To Force Medical Procedures On Clients

 He is opposed by many disability groups because of his denial of the rights of the handicapped in several areas.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Netw opposes Kavanaugh In Doe ex rel. Tarlow v. D.C., Judge Kavanaugh ruled against two women who had been forced to have abortions and one woman who was forced to have eye surgery. The D.C. agency over people with developmental disabilities consented to all three procedures without discussing them with the women. Kavanaugh wrote that because the women lacked “capacity” to make their own medical decisions independently, they had no right even to be consulted
Is it inconsistent that Kavanaugh prevented an abortion forcing teen in detention to have child but ruled in favor in another case in which authorities forced abortions on women. In both cases Kavanaugh deferred to authority figures rather than individuals

 8 Denial Of Right To Abortion

a. While on the circuit court Kavanaugh voted to deny an immigrant teen in detention her right to an abortion. He violated existing law. He forced his male decision on her as he also denied to handicapped women the right to refuse abortion when their guardians demanded it.  Garza V Hargan

b.  "Some 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion annually. Of the women who survive unsafe abortion, 5 million will suffer long-term health complications."  Lisa Haddad MD
Causes of pregnancy and childbirth deaths besides unsafe abortion are postpartum bleeding  hypertension, postpartum infections  blood clots, placental abruptions etc.

 c. Kavanaugh  opposes access to morning after pills as a form

    of birth control.

d. Kavanaugh worked to have William Pryor nominated. Pryor had called Roe v Wade an abomination.

e. Kavanaugh White House emails indicate he would criminalize abortion.

f. Watching clips of Ashley Kavanaugh asked a question by a

tv journalist and silenced by her husband who answered for her one wonders if he thinks women are to be seen and not heard.

9.  Almost Always Sides With Big Business In Lawsuits

Kavanaugh in 12 years on the Supreme Court has almost always sided with big business.

10. Almost Always Sides With Employers Over Employees

Yet another example of Kavanaugh's slavish ratification of earthly authority is that he has almost always sided with employers ratter than their employees.

a. Kavanaugh said AT&T lawfully prohibited employees from wearing union shirts on the job.
11. A foe of Mother Earth

Many question that living beings can survive global baking without earth protecting action. 25 major environmental groups oppose his nomination.

In White Stallion Energy Center LLC v EPA. Kavanaugh ruled the EPA must take money into consideration in regulating carbon emissions of power plants which cause lung cancer, acid rain, etc. He has a Trump Scott Pruitt Charles Wheeler Ryan Zinke approach to the environment and was opposed to Obama's environmental protections and to EPA right of regulation.

He wrote that the EPA had no right to limit greenhouse gas emissions


12 . Gay Marriage

Senator Cory Booker told Kavanaugh that many married gay couples are worried they will lose their marriage status if he is confirmed.

13. Opposition To Defendants Accused Of Crimes

Kavanaugh has almost always supported wardesn and opposed defendants in criminal cases
14. Tyranny Of Vivivsecting War Invested Harvard And Yale

Kavanaugh if confirmed would make the 9th graduate of either Harvard or Yale. Both are invested in war and both have tortured tens of millions of animals in research labs.

15. Opposed To Govt Involvement In Health Care

Kanaugh in a complicated opinion ruled against Obamacare.
16. Male Interference In Woman's Right To Choose

Brett Kavanaugh would put the cold violating hand of 5 Republican male justices as well as male legislators in states on a woman's body denying her the sovereign right to decide her own life. This is the more serious because millions or tens of millions of women have in the past died of placental abruptions, of bleeding to death, of breech births, of sepsis, of myriad causes of iatrogenic or physician error, of infections when forced to seek a nonlegal abortionist.
17. Senator Ted Kennedy's Opposition

Senator Edward M Kennedy about Brett Kavanaugh: "(He is) the youngest, least experienced and most partisan candidate in years", Kavanaugh's nomination was stalled for 3 years because of his heinous record in helping steal the people's election from Al Gore as a member of Bush's team, his unconstitutional harassment of Bill Clinton whose impeachment was fueled by those angered that he would not invade Iraq etc.
18.    911 Lies

Ashley Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh's wife was personal secretary to G W Bush in the White House and like Brett Kavanugh was in the White House on Sept 11, 2001. Brett Kavanaugh is part of the coverup of the truth of the World Trade Center explosion . http://911truth.org
19. Federalist Society Antidemocratic

Donald Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh because of the 25 judges on the rightwing Federalist list of Leonard Leo, Kavanaugh is the one who most strongly has written that no one has a right to indict a sitting president. (Perhaps Kavanaugh thinks no one should b able to impeach a president.)
20. Lawsuit Opinions 300 Of Them Re His Slavish Deference to Authorities

21. He Ruled Employers May Deny Employee Access To Birth Control

Kavanaugh has ruled that employers have the right to deny employee access to birth control.
22. Kavanaugh has ruled that the Consumer Financial Protecton Bureau was unconstitutional.

Richard Cordray who ran that bureau and forced banksters and payday lenders to obey the law and return 11.2 billion dollars to 30 million Americans is now running as a Democrat for governor of Ohio.

23. Kavanaugh Supports Judicial Murder, Serial Killing Of Prisoners

Judicial serial killers or executioners of more than 1 prisoner

kill in cold meditation unlike many on death row who killed

in a one time instance of hot anger.

PBS reported that Judge Kavanaugh if he were to become a justice, would be in favor of the judicial murder known as execution.

 Kavanaugh's Judicial Recommendations to Bush

a. Picked Torture Advocate John Roberts For SCOTUS
On the basis of Kavanaugh's advice, Bush picked
John Roberts, judicial serial killer and torture advocate, as his nominee.

b. Because of Kavanaugh's and Alberto Gonzales' judicial recommendations to Bush, the 5th Circuit is the most executing Circuit in the country.
While in the White House counsel office, Brett Kavanaugh's judicial suggestions to Bush included several pro execution, antiabortion judges like Edith Brown Clement.who was on BP's side against Katrina victims.


c. William H Pryor, AG of Alabama & a racist executioner, was recommended by Kavanaugh to Bush and became a member of the 11th Circuit.
Pryor in a previous brief argued that the recognition of a constitutional right to sodomy would "logically extend" to activities like "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, incest and pedophilia"


d. Senator Leahy during hearings reported that
4670 files stolen by Mannie Miranda, Republican operative, were stolen from 6 Democrat senators
(including Leahy and Durbin)
on the Senate Judiciary committee. They were stolen to help Kavanaugh and Bush push forward his most
contentious judicial nominees, including Patricia Owen, Miguel Estrada.


e. Senator Dick Durbin asserted that Kavanaugh was involved in 3 areas of detention of and torture of detainees.


24. Poor Health


Kavanaugh has a reddish complexion indicating possible cholesterol and blood pressure problems.
25. Hypocrisy


a  Is it not inconsistent to call oneself prolife while favoring judicial murder and illegal war?


b.  Kavanaugh worked on the questions to be asked of Clinton after he was subpoena'd. But now he says no one has a right to subpoena Trump.
26. Catholics On Court


Kavanaugh if confirmed would make the Court 55% Catholic

although Catholics are 22% of the population.  John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, Sotomayor are all Catholic. In exchange for the silence of US Catholic bishops about illegal wars, Bush 1 and 2 gave them Catholics for the Supreme Court. Prolife did not mean antiwar or antiexecution for the male Catholics.


27. US Supreme Court Most Powerful In World .. Antidemocratic


The Supreme Court, a recent author of a book about it said, has given more power to the justices than any other court in the world. These Republican men are not elected by the people. They as of this time are assigned to lifetime terms. This antidemocratic institution is the dead hand of the past. Who is guilty of contempt for this court? The entire world.


28. Kavanaugh Enemy Of Voting Rights


Over 100 civil rights groups oppose the Kavanaugh nomination.


Like the 4 Republicans now on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh is a proponent of racist gerrymandering and voted to uphold South Carolina's racist vote suppression, citing Indiana's racist vote suppression law as an authority.


  Kavanaugh vote fraud in SC and Indiana


29. McConnell Denied Democrats A Vote On Obama Nomination


It is ironic that for several years on the DC Circuit Court, Brett Kavanaugh has served under Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court the vote up or down for whom was denied by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. McConnell refused even to talk to Garland.


30  Kavanaugh On Precedent


On Kavanaugh's promise to follow precedent re Roe V Wade, Senator Schumer said that Justices Roberts and Gorsuch made similar promises as in 2018 they broke 40 years of labor law precedent.


31. An Ostrich Re Global Baking


The human population is approaching 8 billion people. Nearly all of them use paper derived from treekilling for lumber, newspapers, napkins, writing, bulldozng properties for new buildings, for cattle ranches etc. Already climate extremes caused by massive worldwide deforestation are killing people.


32. A Prolife Catholic Who Helped Bomb Pregnant Women In Iraq and Afghanistan


Kavanaugh facilitated the bombing of pregnant women... he caused abortions by bomb.


33  A Leaker


MSNBC reported that individual journalists have said Kavanaugh while working for Starr was a leaker. He broke the law which he claims to honor.


34. Are Semiautomatic Rifles WMD's


In Heller V District of Columbia Kavanaugh favored semiautomatic rifles  He has ruled that


bans on such weapons are unconstitutional.




35. The Stars


Not for everyone...  Gauquelin a skeptic ran several hundred thousand jobs & birthdates thru a computer and found amazing correlations. For the first time in 168 years Neptune is exactly opposite Kavanaugh's Pluto... this could mean he won't be confirmed.


36.  Teller Of Falsehoods About Torture Of Detainees




Kavanaugh lied about Guantanamo detention. Both Senators Leahy and Durbin objected.


37. Kavanaugh Debt Exceeds Income


Major media outlets reported that Kavanaugh's debt exceeded his income


38. Opposition To Mueller Investigation


Kavanaugh in a public forum said he would like to overturn decisions affirming the constitutionality of the special counsel or independent counsel's appointment to investigate the president.


39. Kavanaugh Would Be A Judicial Murderer


Kavanaugh is a nominal observant Catholic. US bishops unanimously oppose the death penalty. Pope Francis has just decreed that opposition to the death penalty is inherently a corollary of human dignity. Yet Kavanaugh chose to work for G W Bush, the most executing governor in US history, a man who sent over 150 to their deaths. In that list were included innocents, the mentally ill, the mentally challenged, citizens of Canada, Mexico and Germany illegally denied access to their consulates.


40. Torture


As Mitch McConnell withholds records on Kavanaugh history in White House, questions resurface about his role in torture.


41 Double Standard


Kavanaugh devised the invasive unconstitutional questions asked to Clinton after subpoena'd.  Kavanaugh has one stndard of law for Democratic presidents and another for illegitimately elected Republican ones. Republican presidents he believes have no right to be subpoena'd but Clinton he worked to subpoena. Republican presidents can't be indicted, he says, but he worked on the indictment of Clinton.


42. Opposes Government-provided Health Care


43  Violates Privacy Of All Americans


Kavanaugh gave wide latitude to government in spying on Americans and collecting personal data, says AP News.


44 Diversion Of Money From Public Schools


Kavanaugh, a Catholic, has worked with the Federalist Society to channel dollars from public schools to private schools, including Catholic ones.  For this and other easons the NEA opposes his nomination.


45.  Cap On 911 Families Of Victims at $500,000


 Kavanaugh sought to cap 911 victim payments at 500 thousand https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/supreme-court-nominee-brett-kavanaugh-sought-to-cap-9-11-payouts-to-victims-families-at-dollar500g/ar-BBMEAYe


46 Opponent Of Presidential Transparency


47 Presidential Power Unchecked


Kavanaugh is an advocate of unchecked presidential power, in essence  dictatorship. Trump seems to admire dictators.


48 Kavanaugh Ruled For GTMO Torturers Over Prisoners


Kavanaugh ruled in favor of the torturing illegal Guantanamo Bay prison and against the rights of the prisoners


49 Opposed To Class Action Lawsuits


Kavanaugh Would Be 'Solid Goalie' Against Class Actions – Big Law
Jul 11, 2018 - Class action plaintiffs aren't likely to fare any better at the U.S. Supreme Court with the potential addition of Judge Brett Kavanaugh . President


50. Racist Gerrymandering


Kavanaugh voted to allow a restrictive voter ID law to go into effect in South Carolina,


51. Creator Of Super PACs


Kavanaugh believes the wealthy have more right to influence political opinion than the middle class or poor. He created the Super PAC and supports the SCOTUS decision that money is a form of speech.


He supports the concept that money talks.




52. Originalist Re Constitution


Kavanaugh like Scalia is an originalist. Literal originalists would favor slavery, no vote for women, a franchise only for property owners. Originalists want the crystallized dead hand of the past to prevent laws which support growing consciousness of the rights of women, blacks, Asians, of animals, birds, fishes, trees.


53. Hidden Actions


Five to seven million pages of documents generated by Kavanaugh at the White House have not been supplied to the GOP dominated Judiciary Comm. Senator Harris has said 96% of Kavanaugh's record is missing.


54. Unionbuster


Kavanaugh is a unionbuster.




55. Corrupt Nomination Source


Kavanaugh has been nominated by Donald Trump who is under investigation for criminal activity


56.  Refuses to recuse.


Senator Booker has several times asked Kavanaugh to recuse himself re Donald Trump's actions. Kavanaugh has not responded. This reminds us of Antonin Scalia who refused to recuse himself in Gore v Bush though 2 of his sons were attorneys for Bush. It underlines again Kavanaugh's role in the theft of the presidency of Al Gore by the Bush family and a corrupt Republican pentocracy on the court.


57. Plutocracy


The US is the ONLY alleged democracy in the world giving lifetime appointments to Supreme Court and federal judges. Why? The US is a plutocracy masked as a democracy.




The Charles Koch Foundation is one of many corporate funders of the Federalist Society which selected a list of procorporate prodeathpenalty judicial possibiities.


58. Dead Law


As a corollary of Kavanaugh's originalist theory is the belief that the law is dead, not a growing living organism. As such there can, Kavanaugh believes, be no regulation of any guns except those existing in 1789, no regulation in any area of life in which change has occurred. Kavanaugh's beliefs lead ultimately to rulings that slavery is admissible, that women should not vote.


59. Denial Of Sovereignty


One of Brett Kavanaugh's rationalizations for denying a teen immigrant in custody the right to an abortion was that she had no family or friends. His statement denies the sovereignty of the individual.


60. Choice Of Rightwing Groups


Kavanaugh was not chosen as nominee by an elected president but by the Federalist Society with the help of the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation. He was promoted by cable industry owned CSpan which like Kavanaugh wants an end to net neutrality.


61 Power to stop Trump impeachment


Kavanaugh if approved might have the power with 4 other Republicans to stop Trump's impeachment


62 Secret Rightwing Corporations Funding Ads


Tens of millions of dollars of dark money, Senator Whitehouse illustrated, are being spent in ads promoting Kavanaugh


Eighty cases have been decided on a partisan basis by the Roberts court. In virtually all of these cases, dark money is behind the briefs. See Senator Whitehouse in CSpan.org hearings on Kavanaugh.


63 Guantanamo Illegality


 Senator Dick Durbin's letter about Kavanaugh's claim in 2006 that he had nothing to do with Bush regime mistreatment of Guantanamo and other detainees:


' I request that you disqualify yourself in all pending and subsequent cases involving detainees and enemy combatants. Your lack of candor at your nomination hearing suggests you cannot approach these cases with impartiality and an open mind.'


64 Personality
a Was Kavanaugh silent about Judge Alex Kozinski's sexual impositions to 9 or more women during the year that Kavanaugh clerked for him?


a. His roommate and another said Kavanaugh was unfriendly and that he never cleaned up his beer binge vomit.




b. Loophole which allows him to hide his finances




c.  Kavanaugh filibustered rather than answering yes or no


questions from Judiciary committee Democrati senators


65 Theft


a  Receiving Stolen Email marked 'Committe Confidential'


Kavanaugh received 6 documents stolen from Senator Leahy by Manny Miranda, Republican staffer on the Judiciary Committee, re Leahy's concern that Kavanaugh had perjured himself in his 2006 testimony.  Senator Leahy asked why Kavanaugh didn't question the source.




b  How many more crimes are being hidden by Kavanaugh's former assistant Bill Burke and other Republican operatives who have held virtually all of 5 to 7 million pages of documents?


66 Guns


The hunter dominated NRA is spending millions advertising


in favor of Kavanaugh


67 Brevity


Kavanaugh's unwillingness to reduce his verbose answers despite several senators' requests for brevity was a factor in the 2nd day of hearings extending beyond 12 hours as well as senators' time to question being truncated.


68 Birth Control


Brett Kavanaugh Refers To Birth Control As ‘Abortion-Inducing Drugs’ At Confirmation Hearing 202 224 3121 Please tell your senators to vote no
69 Vote Suppression
Judge Kavanaugh upheld a racist South Carolina law designed to limit African American voting. He has a poor record re affirmative action. The 48 members of the Congressional Black Caucus representing 70 million or more African Americans and all Americans ask for a no vote on Kavanaugh


70  Violation of Clinton's Right To Privacy

Kavanaugh helped Ken Starr spend 45 million dollars in a 4 year investigation violating Bill Clinton's constitutional right to privacy in his consensual sex life. Clinton was the victim of a black op (Linda Tripp of Delta Force and Lucianne Goldberg of Regnery were coconspirators) because Clinton would not invade Iraq. Starr chose Kavanaugh to design vulgar questions of Clinton and to write the final report in which Kavanaugh included unnecessarilly salacious details. Kavanaugh called for Clinton's impeachment.

71 Foe Of Animals
a The hunter dominated NRA is spending millions to push for Kavanaugh's confirmation.
b. We are defined to some extent by those we cite as authorities. Kavanaugh's admiration for hunter, warmonger, racist, franchise denier, unionbuster, thief of the 2000 presidential election Scalia is regrettable.
c. Kavanaugh's opposition to environmental protection regulations has meant animals' water was poisoned or eliminated by drought, their air fouled, their earth made suffocatingly hot.
d. In 2010, a SeaWorld trainer was killed by a killer whale in front of a crowd of people. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ordered the company to take measures to keep trainers safe and said that SeaWorld knew these animals were dangerous. Sea World continued to appeal the case after the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission upheld OSHA’s citation, which brought it to the D.C. Circuit Court. In 2014, the Court found that the business’ current precautions were inadequate. But Kavanaugh dissented and called the show at SeaWorld a sport like many others.
e. Senator Dick Durbin: 'At least 1/3 of workers in slaughterhouses are immigrants doing lowpaid dangerous hot sweaty work. Immigrants are pressured not toreport injuries. Exposure to dangerous chemicals, sexual imposition and child labor are common.
Judge Kavanaugh was one of the judges in Agri Processor, a Brooklyn slaughterhouse v the NLRB. There were 12 hour shifts, no overtime, 400 of the workers were undocumented immigrants (The owner knew they could not complain because of fear of police). If they complained they were fired. The plant owner was sentenced to 27 years in jail (Trump recently pardoned him).
Only Judge Kavanaugh of the judges assigned to this case before and after sided with the owner rather than the workers. He ruled that the workere were not employees,
though NLRB regulation said otherwise.' (typed from tv testimony)
f. Not only human beings but animals, birds, frogs, fishes, butterflies and bees have been harmed by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which Brett Kavanaugh helped G W Bush initiate.
g. As a conservative Catholic does Brett Kavanaugh believe, as some bishops have taught in violation to the teachings of Jesus, that animals have no souls. If so that would affect his rulings on any animal rights issues.
h, Judge Kavanaugh is not a vegan or vegetarian which indicates that he believes his right to eat animals is greater than their right not to be eaten. As a circuit court judge, his opinions are amplified.
i. The fact that Judge Kavanaugh has been nominated by Donald Trump who at his trophy hunter son's suggestion nominated trophy hunter Ryan Zinke to head the Dept of Interior which is charged with protecting the nation's
animals, by Donald Trump who ended Obama's ban on importing the parts of murdered elephants into the US, who tried to start a business selling steaks, etc is an indication that Trump believes Kavanaugh adopts the Trump agenda.
Brett Kavanaugh's rulings on the circuit court and actions in the Bush White House have been as cold and dead as the marble halls of the Supreme Court to which he aspires.
j. The Supreme Court has at least 8 graduates of vivisecting
Harvard and Yale.
72 Endangered Species
"An analysis of Kavanaugh’s 12-year record on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit finds that he has consistently ruled against measures to protect species. In the 18 significant, species-related suits that have come before Kavanaugh, he’s decided against protections in 17― or about 95 percent of the time."
73. Allegations of Kavanaugh Sexual Misconduct
Professor Christine Blasey Ford is a credible witness in her allegation that Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her when she was 15 and he 17. She has passed a lie detector test administered by a retired FBI agent. Her therapist's notes about Dr Ford's
discussing this in 2012 have been sent to the committee.
Attempted rape is more a crime of power domination than of sex. Many politicians who seek power over others have been charged with rape. Professor Ford wrote that Mark Judge was in the room during the attempt, called by some the 'devil's triangle'. Judge has in the past has written about Bart O'Kavanaugh. Some think it is Kavanaugh's excessive drinking to which he referred.  Kavanaugh's Yale fraternity was known for misogyny and drunken antiwomen antics.
Brett Kavanaugh designed very aggressive questions of Bill Clinton whose private nonviolent and consensual sex life was not his or any other Republican's business. But Kavanaugh at the White House in a practice session regarding his testimony re Professor Ford refused to answer questions about his own private sex life. Kavanaugh is facing questions about a felony, and not about a private affair. The New Yorker reports charges by a Ms Ramirez from Yale and a woman from Catholic Univ.
both of whom say Kavanaugh was involved in sexual attacks.
Kavanaugh's yearbook entry was hurtful to a named woman.

75. Native American opposition.

Native Americans oppose Kavanaugh nomination for several reasons.
Native Americans ask Murkowski to vote against Kavanaugh
Silence re Judge Alex Kozinski's misconduct
Many are incredulous about Kavanaugh's allegation that he knew nothing of at least 9 incidents of sexual misconduct of Judge Koznski, his boss.


Kavanaugh was involved in the writing of the unconstitutional privacy invading Patriot Act
78. If Kavanaugh were confirmed, 2/3 of the court would be males. Kavanaugh was nominated by a serial assailant of women, Trump. It's time for the 4th woman on the court.

Trump knows that Kavanaugh already sided with Trump's unionbusting casino in a 2012 case. Kavanaugh denied the workers' rights .  2 corrupt men, Trump and Kavanaugh, helped each other.

80  Chief Justice John Roberts received over 12 official judicial misconduct complaints re Brett Kavanaugh. Merrick Garland had recused himself and  sent them on. Roberts sat on them, failing his official duty to act. This was a quid pro quo since it was Kavanaugh who convinced G W Bush
to nominate John Roberts, torture advocate, to the Supreme Court. Not til Kavanaugh was sworn in, did Roberts send the

complaints to the Colorado circuit court for review.

81. On Oct 9 2018, Kavanaugh's first day seated on the court,

he refused to interfere with a North Dakota Republican vote suppression law requiring

Native Americans to have street addresses in order to vote.


Since joining the other unelected members of the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh, a member of the GOP pentocracy, voted to affirm racial gerrymandering in Texas and Ohio, voted to put obstacles in the way of  Native American voting in North Dakota 



Please ask your friends living in states with 1 or 2 Republican senators to call 202 224 3121 to ask
for a no vote on Kavanaugh. Please call talkshows such as
CSpan's Washington Journal (7 to 10 am EST) 202 748 8002,]202 748 8001, 202 748 8000 depending on party affiliation.





Pacific Legal Foundation a bad group


the need to reform who can be amicus group












Senator Schumer wrote
'“From the notorious Starr report, to the Florida recount, to the President’s secrecy and privilege claims, to post-9/11 legislative battles including the Victims Compensation Fund, to ideological judicial nomination fights, if there has been a partisan political fight that needed a very bright legal foot soldier in the last decade, Brett Kavanaugh was probably there.”


A stream of new informati on has come in in regards to Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.











Opinion | How Brett Kavanaugh Failed - The New York Times

Opinion | The Supreme Court Is Coming Apart - The New York Times

How Strong Does the Evidence Against Kavanaugh Need to Be?


Sep 28, 2018 - Experts in the law said it would be hard for Judge Kavanaugh




Please if you agree call 202 224 3121, the Senate and make your views known on talk shows, to friends, etc.






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