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Animal Rights


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They make a shooting


of our national parks

.. murdering deer...

endangering tourists,


every squirrel and lark


 51 Areas of The Obama, The Republican Senate & Republican House: Warmongering Puppets Of The Rich
War in an unprecedented number of places with millions killed and injured, billions of animals, birds, reptiles destroyed ... longest war in US history continues in Afghanistan... illegal, immoral, harming the real security of the US, while bankrupting the country through the expenditure of tens of trillions of dollars
More money spent on weapons than any other country, more than next 25 countries combined... and as a result the world's biggest network of lobbyists
Guantanamo torture site continues illegally holding prisoners in an illegally held military base which violates Cuba's sovereignty
CIA kidnappings and torture sites ...
CIA drone assassinations.. 1900 sites bombed in just 1 of the drone bombing campaigns
Military putting multibillion dollar bounties on the heads of those the government terms terrorists
The US has the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world, and is currently violating the international treaty by developing new nuclear weapons in Albuquerque. Lockheed, which with obsolete shuttles blowing 5 astronauts and countless secreted animals over 5 states... is the major war profiteer with the contract.
More people imprisoned than any other nation per capita, many for nonviolent acts.


A warmongering media which in violation of original FCC rules is controlled by a few billionaires and centimillionaires, rather than the people of the United States,


Murder of deer in national parks

A media which teaches violence and sexualizing to children
A media which broadcasts more food ads than any other country resulting in the most obese nation on earth with millions of sick people
Unprecedented violation of privacy through NSA spying on emails, phone calls, bank accounts, letters etc.
38 billion to Israel, a racist apartheid state, and pennies to the people of Detroit
Global heating bringing the worst weather ever... record heat, cold, drought
More money spent on health care than anywhere else but mediocre health care as the poor are robbed. Obamacare enables further pricegouging by international drug company cartels, insurance cos.,, the medico industrial complex of hospitals, doctors,HMO's,
A bankster controlled Federal Reserve setting the monetary policies of the people... it continues in existence because of the murder of John F Kennedy
The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) allows multinational corporations to sue and override hardwon environmental and labor laws... and to further imperil US workers... rammed through by Wall St, Koch Brothers in violation of the wishes of the vast majority
Infrastructure falling apart... including bridges, mass transit
Subsidies through NIH for animal torture
Subsides of animal slaughter through food stamps
Abandonment of Amtrak
International drug companies running amok, allowed to pollute the airwaves with ads for drugs which cause death and injuries
Education poor. Few can afford college.
Nondelivery of water to drought stricken areas like California, endangering nation's food supply  Polluted Flint Michigan water
The USDA's many atrocities*
Inadequate fire prevention and fire extinguishing (the USDA controlled burns often expand fires, e.g.) In Alaska alone incompetence and lumber industry corruption have allowed 3 million acres to burn billions of animals and trillions of other beings.
Administration threatening relatives of kidnapped victims prosecution if they try to raise money for ransom
Continued lies about 911 and about Osama Bin Laden's death 911truth dot org
The CDC ignores the dangers of drugs and fails to warn people of the hazards of mammal, bird and fish flesh
Failure to approve the international landmine treaty already signed by 162 countries
The CDC fails to warn people of the hazards of animal products
White House .. no leadership in preventing factory farms
Inaction re homelessness
Over 1 million iatrogenic deaths annually
a high infant mortality rate compared to the rest of the world
Prosecution of courageous whistleblowers
Prosecution of marijuana users


Some natonal parks such as CVNRA have introduced animal agriculture farms and are promoting the products of animal agriculture


Rather than declassifying documents, the Obama administration has tried to reclassify many under national security as unavailable


Just a few days after giving the world's most rapacious energy company Shell drilling rights in the fragile remote and pristine waters of Alaska and the Arctic, (a move which hastens global heating), Obama gave a lecture on our need to act to prevent global heating.


Failure to implement desalination protections against drought, fire, mudslide


Despite untold thousands of incidents of torture by the CIA and others, the Obama

administration has sent no one to jail. Nor has Senator Feinstein acted except to portray herself as antitorture.


As President Obama was at a world gathering of leaders working to achieve environmental solutions, the House Republicans led by Paul Ryan voted to slash regulations and give a free hand to polluting oil, coal and gas.


House Republicans engineered the passage of a bill which would cancel the requirement that people know the country of origin of their food.


Many 'prolife' Republicans in the House voted to fund the bombing of children in other countries.


An innocent man, victim of mistaken identity, has been held in Guantanamo for 13 years.


Obama is continuing to fund animal torture in cancer research for the cancer industrial complex... rather than directing federal agencies to educate about the dangers of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy


Obama said in his campaign he wanted a hunter to head the Department of Interior, though they are only 4% of the population and the parks are for all. Numerous studies indicate that more hunters than nonhunters are likely to kill human beings. Obama has said he wants to end gun violence, but hunters are a major cause of it.


CNN, Evan Perez and Dan Merica, (August 1, 2017). "DEA rebukes Trump telling officers to be 'rough'"


Obama tried to shut down whistleblowers


Murder of deer in national parks


The 5 male Republicans of the unelected "Supreme" Court

1. has wiped out a California law designed to reduce animal suffering, saying it cannot exceed federal standards.

2. has ruled that money is speech, allowing the billionaires for whom the justices are pawns to saturate the airwaves with Republican ads  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 2010

3. has upheld the unconstitutional death penalty which deprives one of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

4. has expanded eminent domain to allow businesses to seize seashore and other property as in the case of Pfizer in Connecticut

5. has rubberstamped the illegal wars of Bush and Obama

6. struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act which protect blacks, Latinos etc from over a century of repression in Shelby County v. Holder, 2013

7. denied the right of 150,000 women employees at WalMart to contest the WalMart glass ceiling  Wal-Mart v. Dukes, 2011

8. In Amnesty v. Clapper, 2013  the Court upheld the illegal wiretapping of Americans and the world by the warmongering NSA. Recent whistleblowing has revealed that all NSA raw data goes to Israel, giving that country an unprecedented ability to do insider trading, to bribe, to accelerate warmongering.

9. Bush v. Gore, 2000  In criminal failure to recuse himself, Antonin Scalia was a conspirator with several males in the Bush family, Katherine Harris, the Times Union of Jacksonville, Florida and others to steal the presidential vote from Al Gore and give it to Bush.

10. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, 2014 denied inexpensive birth control to women

-saiom shriver-



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