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Google Abuses: Worldwide Spying, Censorship, War Promotion, Spying On Children, Etc revised

Google was funded and founded by the CIA
which gave money to Sergei Brin to develop
the search engine at Stanford. In the process
the CIA made Sergey Brin a billionaire with your tax


Google has been dovetailed with the CIA and US military ever since. Google Earth helps in the war crime of bombing the people of other countries.


Google algorithms in 2004 were designed to call up
14 anti Kerry links to every 1 positive link.


Google monetizes search, profiteers from it, putting
paid links first. The plutocracy gets preferential treatment.


Google has been fighting against net neutrality and supports the Trump, Jeff Sessions lawsuit against California for protecting net neutrality.


Google truncates the links of environment, peace, animal
rights, civil rights and other activists.


Google deliberately creates false impressions. For instance a query in regards to the United Way supporting infliction of pain on animals in laboratories listed first a 2010 PETA story praising United Way for ending a brutal to animals fundraiser. There were no links on the 1st page which dealt with United Way's many decades of supporting animal research.


Another example of this is Google's practice of listing
several year old links first re searches of which it doesn't


Google should list 100 links per page but lists 10 or 15
to maximize the time one spends on its searches.


Google hides links of which it does not approve.


Google totally cut from its searches because
the group is socialist. Adverse publicity forced it to put the link back.


Google Abuses: Worldwide Spying, Censorship, War Promotion, Spying On Children, Etc revised



Brad Thor paraphrased: 

Google's partial listing of links is akin to a librarian who hides half of the library books.

Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc. by Scott Cleland and Ira Brodsky


 Google Earthspies on people around the world, though the European Union has

filed lawsuits. One NYC poet said that Google Earth did not stop at building
walls but went through her window. Google Earth spies on the entire earth.


Google scanning minors' and children's emails without their consent\mails-w\ithout-consent/


Google buying facial recognition to further invade privacy\


Why should your search query generate a 117 character link by Google?  More datamining



Google's socalled algorithms in conspiracy with the Republican Party and Bush
 called up 19 anti Kerry websites in 2004 to every 1 proKerry website.

Google increases its ratings by splattering pornographic images in replies to serious searches.


Google is slowly increasing time of commercials on YouTube from no ads to 5 second ads to 15 seconds to 30 seconds

GOOGLE IS A PARAMILITARY ORGANIZATION which makes all of its Google Earth data available to the US military.


One day after criticizing Google's partner Wikipedia on the internet for its
prowar bias, Google listing of links for one author already truncated to 70,000
links was further decimated to 4800. In general, antiwar, environment, prison
rights, minority rights, animal rights, socialist activists and poets find their
links are not fairly reflected, are hidden or eliminated altogether from lists.
Vegetarians and vegans who request vegetarian restaurant listings in a certain city might
find a steakhouse prominently featured as first in the list. Those who ask
for the number of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan find 2009 or 2005 articles
listed first. There is a matrix of warmonger media which includes
Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook, a social network which eliminated 850,000
Boycott BP page
members. Facebook is the world's largest dataminer and privacy violater, as it usesfacial recognition software.  Another reports 73,000 links... but only 9 pages of links accessible


When one asks for a particular website, such as for John Perkins' one is directed first to 1 to 3 or more Wikipedia and other sites.


Google continues tracking people's locations as it violates the laws of many countries

Google pays Authors Guild 125 million dollars in settlement

At least 20 lawsuits have been filed re Google adwords\

American Society of Media Photographers v Google

Australian defamation lawsuit lost by Google

Google sued for selling people's search inquiry log to third parties

Gmail Lawsuit

"Courthouse News reports that Google is being sued over Gmail as the plaintiffs
in the case, Brad Scott and Todd Harrington, accuse the search giant of
violating the California Invasion of Privacy Act. The law protects citizens'
communications from being intercepted by third parties without their

Google settles out of court with Rosetta Stone\

Museek considering Google lawsuit\

Vringo sues Google

Google pays 22.5 million dollar fine

Google is much more respectful to Chinese and Chinese Americans than many other nationalities... for those in comparable careers, Google lists as many as 1000 times the links for Chinese.

Google gives out of date columns. For instance when Republican Governor Kasich announced plans to cut Ohio library funding (but not funding for the hunters of ODNR), Google isntead directed searchers to a story about Gov Strickland, out of office. When searchers ask for information about India's strong response to the violation of strip searches in the US, Google gave precedence to 5 Time Warner CNN links which were Indophobic.


If Emily Dickinson has 8 million links, why are only a small fraction of them or any other person available?


Google's  decimation of the links of activists, hiding of articles by peace, environment, civil liberties, animal rights, spiritual and other activists, shilling for evil through the ads it runs, promotion of war, environmental desecration, unethical datamining, connection to the CIA from its inception, use of Google Earth technology to spy on people around the world, cooperation with the US military in illegal wars etc. are just a few of its lawbreaking activities.


Google had contracts with authors in creating Google Books. Those contracts did not include datamining users through requiring Gmail accounts nor that only Google would be able to cut and paste portions of text.


In late December of 2013, 40 million Target customers became the latest victims of datamining or hacking by Google, Facebook and other corporate thieves.

Google's attempted global monopoly of web links

Google gives prominent placement to fast food, butcher and drug company funded
Richard Berman's links.

"Google will be bound not to seek court orders against competitors' use of
certain "standard-essential patents" it owns."
"Google has accepted certain limits on the terms it can require programmers to
accept in order to have their software access to Google's advertising database."
"Google has promised to allow website publishers to opt out of having their
content included in Google's specialized pages without opting out of having
their content listed in Google's main web search."

30.12.2012 00:30

The following comment was placed on

It was a reply to

I am glad this issue has been raised. I have run an independent news website for
the past 12 years.

The site includes a free links listing service where visitors can post their
own links to their websites in a comprehensive links directory.

I stipulate that these links are free, are placed by their respective owners,
and all links automatically include the tag 'rel="nofollow"' as requested and
required by Google. Regardless, this has not stopped Google from threatening
people who place links on my pages.

Over the past year I have received emails from persons requesting removal of
their link from my pages as they had been 'penalised' by Google.

Google appears to consider that only Google or affiliate search engines are
'authorised' to maintain a directory of website listings and links and anyone
else attempting to provide a free links service is doing something wrong.

If there is someone out their with legal standing who would like to pursue this
illegal activity in a court of law then I have all the required evidence for
such a case.


Recent lawsuits against Google

Gmail subscribers sue Google over violation of privacy
Google cooperation with National Security Agency
Lawsuit says Google stole technology,news-10131.html
Google ripping off children
Google allowing libel

Other problems



Pricefixing by Google
Google helps the Chinese govt. censor news to its citizens
Google censorship of websites
Only the Pentagon can end Google's Street Views violations of privacy
Google dumps newssites criticizing radical Islam
Google airbrushes photos of Katrina
Google No Longer Allows You to Disable SafeSearch - WebProNews

Google Youtube censors critic of Michael Bloomberg
May 2013 Israel bombed Syria 2nd time in 2 days from Lebanese airspace
Google's Youtube posts murder of Hamas leader by Israelis

Some of many other issues are listed in Wikipedia:

I Page rank
a Possible misuse of search results
b Danger of page rank manipulation
c Page ranking related lawsuits
d Abandonment of Neutral Rankings
II Copyright issues
a Google Print, Books, and Library
b Cached data
c Google Map Maker
III Privacy
a Potential for data disclosure
b Google Earth street spying
c Google Buzz
d Google+ and Nymwars
e YouTube and Viacom
f Privacy and data protection cases and issues by state

IV Do Not Track...  Censorship
a Web search
b China
c AdSense/AdWords
d YouTube
e Ungoogleable
V  Monopoly, restraint of trade, and antitrust
a The Aliyun OS affair
b Alternatives to Google and monopoly power
c  Lack of transparency and market visibility
VI Other
a Energy consumption
b Doodles
c Google Video
d Search within search
e Naming of Go programming language
f Potential security threats
g Tax avoidance
h Real names
i Politics
j COPPA Compliance

Larry Page Google CEO


Many Lawsuits Against Google For Link Censorship Go Forward


Link hiding, search censorship,

some of many sins of Google.

Its truncation of some links

is criminal not frugal.





Federal lawsuit on Google censorship of search results goes forward


Belgium files charges against Google and Wikipedia for criminal censorship!topic/


Google censorship


Guardian and other British media object to Google censorship


Google not suitable for children under 12


Google, the world's biggest censor



Meme is words of Voltaire who as Swami Shankarananda in a life after his as Voltaire practiced not criticizing anyone.









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