Men Forcing Women


We can't force people to stop eating animals, birds or fishes, though many vegans, vegetarians, and fruitarians believe it is murder.  Nor should governments meddle in the private decision of a woman. Having a baby can kill a woman, as placental abruptions, septicemia , anesthesia accidents etc show. Nor should men tell women what to do.  It is nearly always male dominated governments meddling in the private decision of a woman.

In some cases, men rape women. Then other men tell the victim women they must go through the pregnancy.

A large percentage of the antiabortion movement are human chauvinists believing animals have no souls, that their lives aren't holy. . A woman attended a mass in New Hampshire at which the priest said 'all human life is sacred'  She called out 'all lives are sacred, not just human lives'.


saiom shriver

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