Millions Suffer Because Of Trump


Californians burned

in fires 

78 migrants

drowned at sea

People bombed

in criminal wars

Millions live in poverty


in racist hatred

and greed

pretender president

in the White House

cuckoo bird in

stolen nest

has no mercy

has no clemency.



US Navy refuses to help sinking migrants  Dozens drowned


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The Ship Was The USNS Trenton

78 drowned, 42 were rescued by the Trenton. When asked, crew said, "It is not our job." In an incident two days earlier the Commander of the Trenton refused to help a raft of migrants. A greek ship, The Hermes, picked them up. US is not intervening in a Mediterranean issue, it is EU's problem. We kill people, affirmative. This is the meaning of empire.



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Where is the mercy for

Where is the mercy for America? All nations play a part. Your nation’s media ans companies have been infiltrated by a secret and silent enemy for the last 50 years if America steps back we will all be on the road to ruin. The big decisions are being made using your own values against you and all you see is one side fits all. No sides fit. No sides are all correct or even good. People make the difference. You still have a right to protect yourself look around in all other countries they take away guns and subdue people resilience, confuse and pervert them then they feel powerless and dependent on police and army to protect them which they can’t not from clear and present danger. While there is the cost of humanity it happens everyday. There are no right answers only cost. Choices have consequences in this day of information ignorance is a choice. Unite against tyranny not social privilege time for all of us to have a real hard look at ourselves and the world and come together every one of us has been infiltrated and the good must fight to end the bad. But ideas of bad have swung and changed. Noble Charity and protection have become the ironic tool to destroy cultur, values and unity. All hate is wrong. Blessingss and Peace 

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