3 Thieves Who Stole The 2000 Election Working Now For Trump

Dark money tv networks receive
while Trump employs 3 Bush thieves.


Brett Kavanaugh, Roger Stone, and John Bolton
have been cheating for decades.
Many know of G H W Bush, Jeb Bush,
Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, 3 other Republicans
on the Supreme Court, as well as
others who through a variety of
crimes stole the 2000 election from the people's
choice: VP Al Gore who won the popular vote.
Florida police were told to put up barriers up at streets leading to many Democratic precincts. Jeb Bush taught Brian Kemp,
Husted and DeWine in Ohio, and Kris Kobach of Kansas how vote purging is done as he removed
hundreds of thousands from the voter rolls in Florida.
The Jacksonville newspaper, the Times Union, put out
a special edition in the segregated black area of that city, instructing that every page of the ballot be voted. 20,000 ballots were invalidated.

But not everyone knows that Donald Trump
has hired 3 of the most active Bush operative thieves
to help him.

1. Brett Kavanaugh was working to arrange the rent a mobs which shouted outside Al Gore's VP home on Massachusetts Ave. in Washington and the socalled Brooks Brothers riot at the Stephen P. Clark Government Center in Florida. Kavanaugh has now in just a short time as an unelected plutocracy pawn
on the 'Supreme' Court decided in
three different cases to ratify the racist
gerrymandering of Greg Abbott of Texas
and of vote purgers Jon Husted and DeWine of Ohio,
as well as to require for the 1st time
that Native Americans of N Dakota
living on reservations have street name

2. Roger Stone's cruel tricks started
when he was in college. He was the prime organizer of the 2000 Brooks Brothers Riot in Florida which pressured for an end to the recount of Gore. He also worked on the rent a mobs in DC
and DC in 2000.

3. John Bolton hired by Trump was the
person who wrote the yellow cake lies
which gave Bush an excuse illegally to
invade Iraq. and was the overseer
of the vote recount in parts of S Florida
Bolton arranged not to
go to Vietnam, but is a chickenhawk
promoting war on several fronts.

Washington Monthly | Inside the Dirty Tricks of Roger Stone

The Dirty Trickster | The New Yorker

Those who want corruption removed from our government suggest
1. Remove the dark money which classifies billionaire's election buying as free speech
2. Automatically register all citizens
as voters as is done many places.
3. Require voting of all citizens
as is done in many countries.
4. Require corporate media to
give equal time to candidates
who have a certain % of support.
5. Demand a provisional ballot
if anyone challenges your right
to vote.
6. It's over 100 years since citizen
right to elect US senators was
affirmed. It's time to elect Supreme
Court justices and to limit their terms.



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obama stole his second

obama stole his second election, and hillary tried her best to do the same thing

we are in the end times, you are a pretty smart person,i`m sure you can see this

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Read your Constitution.

Requiring people to vote violates the Constitution.

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Stupid Stuff:

Once more the popular vote has nothing to do with the election of the president. The president is elected by the Electors in the Electoral College.