Not 2 Pence

Not 2 pence

for Mike Pence



Mike Pence, VP because of vote fraud, was part of the Indiana GOP racist  voter roll purges ... and signed a bill into law allowing Indiana restaurant owners the unconstitutional right to refuse to serve gays. Because of the immediate nationwide boycott of Indiana the bill was not enforced.


He is going to Missouri  to help animal abusing Hawley.
Pence in sycophant agreement with everything Trump does is included in the negative karmic debt for nomination of

executioners to the court, the bombing of children, adults animals and plants around the world,  the murder of countless

species of animals and 1000 other areas in which he did harm.

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If Trump Is Impeached

We get the plant killing anti-gays served in restaurants in Indiana dude for prez. The game is rigged. We can not win that way. In two years, so much damage will have been done that it will take decades to recover. The Republicans will have a lot to pay for in voter loyalty loss and in governorships. Good write. slc