Trump Litany


Donald Trump

The child kidnapping

people bombing

employee exploiting

racism hatemongering

prisoner murdering

torture advocating

climate change accelerating

violence inciting

trophy hunter enabling

animal slaughtering

sexually assaulting

tax cheating

multiple bankrupt

debt expanding

constitution violating


forest fire neglecting

air polluting

water poisoning

tree axing

plutocrat bloating

water sprinkler excluding


Secret Service costs inflating

votefraud committing

bridges abandoning

mass transit neglecting

arms mongering


ad hominem insulting

pretender to the throne


Trump charges his Secret Service Agents,

for the rental of golf carts with which they are able to

follow him

Trump and his son in law have both raised rent on the poor in rent control apartments they owned, as they

falsified expenses.

 saiom shriver



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Compehensive Lists

I love a good and correct list. - slc


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Forest fires

Forest fires started by lightning is natures way and should be neglected once they are statrted.  The problem is mankind trying to build in these natural wildernesses.  Stephen