When Doctors Struck


During doctors' strikes,  the death rate went down

in LA, Bogota, Spain, Israel, Croatia and other

countries and towns.


Footnote:  Why? 
The death rate from elective surgeries and from lethal side effects of newly prescribed pharmaceuticals stopped.

Emergency rooms, dialysis units,

neonatal rooms were kept open and those

with heart attacks, need for emergency surgeries,

bone setting etc. were helped in most instances.

Unlike many other countries,  doctors have no limits

on their fees in the US unless Medicare and Medicaid are

involved.  Hospitals, doctors, and drugs cost more in the US

than anywhere else in the world, but many countries have

higher life expectancy.
In 2020, the US is 46th among nations in life expectacny and 1st in

  medical expenses.  Long before Covid 19 the US was only in the

middle tier of countries in life expectancy.

Some charts rate Japan's life expectancy at 84 years, others at 81 years. Factors include very strict laws on speeding and a very low crime rate. Both Japan and Switzerland (also very high in life expectancy) are countries which have not been involved in war, Switzerland for many centuries, and Japan for 75 years.


If the White House, Senate, House, courts, CDC, FDA, NIH etc. were truly interested in saving lives would

the US have the highest health care costs in the world?

Of countries with more than 4 million in population, the US is the most obese, with 39.6% of the population overweight.  No nation has more food ads on television.  Alcohol ads are a factor in liver cancer, accidents, and car fatalities. Junk food is the main offering in gas stations. Meat and dairy consumption create excess pounds. Isocaloric studies by Mervyn Hardinge MD involved giving nonvegetarians, dairy vegetarians, and vegans the same number of calories daily. At the end of 3 months the vegans weighed 12 pounds less than the lacto ovo (egg and dairy) vegetarians and 23 pounds less than the nonvegetarians.

School lunch and WIC programs involve subsidies to dairy farmers and saturation of government programs with dairy products.  Cows' milk is designed to turn a calf into a 1000 lb. animal in a year. It puts extra weight on human children.

Water, air, and soil pollution create carcinogens in the environment.  High consumption of

insecticides in nonorganic food are a further hazard.

Infant mortality rates in OECD countries are 3.9 deaths per 1000 live births but in the US are 5.9 deaths.  Factors include poverty and a culture of teen pregnancies.



Strikes referred to were in Los Angeles and Bogata in 1976


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