@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Words Of The Chairman Of The Prom Committee

I suppose they had as much right to attend the prom as

straight couples, although the Administration did consider

revoking their tickets.  But the K-Gear's grandfather, who

was one of the County's most successful lawyers, and a

ferocious litigator, warned them not to try, not to cave in to

inhibited prudes and prejudiced haters, and homophobes of all

varieties.  For three years, K-Gear had led our varsity football

team to the most coveted and numerous victories---League,

Region, and State titles.  When he began to spend time with the

class nerd, a bookworm if ever there was one, the shock waves

that followed were palpable through the entire high school

population.  So, clad in matching pastel tuxedos, they

attended; they seated themselves with the few friends who

genuinely accepted them; and they danced every dance---shoeless,

their semi-sheer socks gliding the floor with the utmost

delicacy and finesse; unusual for a couple of queers like them.

They lingered until the last dance; and I think I was more

aware of discomfort of many of our classmates, and I wished

K-Gear and the dweeb had not attended; but here they were,

dancing in their socks, flaunting the relationship, showing

us up, showing us that they were a couple, now.  Most of K-Gear's

teammates accepted this; most of our classmates also seemed

untroubled by their presence.  They did not attend the after-prom;

I was told they went to the local beach to walk around and

watch the sunrise. I wonder if they took off their shoes there.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

K-Gear and his boyfriend did attend the Prom; although the thoughts of the Prom Committee Chairman, as presented here, are fictive and based on surmises.

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