@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; This First Time, This First Of Thousands Of Times [Mature Read]

[dedicated to all the awkward young men who, perhaps closeted,

are unable, as yet, to accept their own natures; perhaps they can

take encouragement from this]

Imagine, in slow motion, the slender, long-haired adolescent---

naked, except for his socks.  Now imagine his pleasurer---

engorging, and at the moment parallel to the floor on which

he stands.  Continuing in slow motion, it begins to rise at an

upward angle; and as this process continues, the young man feels

all societal expectations and imposed inhibitions collapsing and

falling away.  He has accepted his nature, and his need to love and

be loved according to that nature.  His body, having waited quite

patiently for this, begins to show him the kind of pleasure it is

capable of providing to him.  He knows, now, he is one of the

initiated; now his "crush" on one of his high school's athletes is

explicable.  He knows that prudes and haters will oppose and

persecute all such Love,  In slow motion, he touches himself---

not randomly, as it may appear, but with a new intention with

which he has not been familiar.  Naked with just his socks on---

this will be come his definition of ideal nakedness.  Later, today,

he will begin to read Cavafy and Whitman---books that the library

does not readily lend, due to its inherent and nearly hysterical

prudery; but he has obtained his own copies---used bookstores being

far less particular what volumes and to whom they are willing to

sell. But now his breathing begins to accelerate; he feels the

sevenfold contractions in his inner musculature, these rhythmic and

almost fierce surges that accomplish the release of his profuse,

core-confected sweetness.  Splashdown on his socks is achieved, as

his legs feel like buckling, and he places one hand on the wall to 

steady himself---this first time, this first of thousands of times.  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Certain Poets, including Lord Byron and P.B. Shelley, used the term "initiated" to refer to those whose natures were Homosexual.  I think the term is still perfectly applicable.

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