Another Sleepless Night

Heartache & Sorrow

Another sleepless night alone in my bed

so many thoughts racing through my head

You speak of moving on, one step ahead

We are getting nowwhere, this I dread


All the times we tried to get together

no stormy nights, nor any bad weather

Just the demons of the mind, no angel feathers

Just poor excuses,  and many wishes tethered


If only desires would come to light

my flesh would not cry out in the night

Caress me baby with all your might

make me feel like a woman in flight


I am no angel with a halo on my head

Just a lonely woman , no man in my bed

I am lost in dreams and wishes can't move ahead

Holding on to promises, enough said


So where do we go when hope is torn?

Can't leave the past, hanging on till morn

Another sleepless night, feeling forlorn

In Morning light my soul feels scorn


Who holds the secrets that haunts the years?

Who holds the memories that bleeds tears?

Who holds the answers to all our fears ?

Must I move on, and live without you dear?




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PKHSMBHZX's picture

This Is Very A Heartfelt

This Is Very A Heartfelt Feeling


Who Will Be There For You

When You Cry

Who Will Offer A Shoulder

When The Pain Is Too Much

And When The Pain Becomes Unbearable

Who Will Be There

To Hold Your Hand And Tell You

It's Going To Be Alright My Dear

bishu's picture

Hope ... Respected RB... U wrote feelings vividly

That "who" may be "hope" 


Cannot  stagnate in old love

Memories like tattered glove

Take off the gloves clasp hands

Angels must wave their wands



roseblossoms's picture

Great advice bishu, I'll take

Great advice bishu, I'll take note!

Glasp hands in prayer no doubt!


Thanks again!