Memories of your tender lips

caressing my  soft cheeks

So warm and tender

its sweetness lasted many weeks


Now time can not steal

how precious those memories are

Even though you're not  here

probably some place very far


The touch of your hands

upon my skin felt so right

The way they caressed me

and comforted me every night


The special way you gazed

into my beautiful eyes

You made me feel special

I was always mesmerized


Alas I loved your sweet

manly voice, so comforting and true

When you whispered tender words

into my ears, " Baby, I love you"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

kurine: inspired by Md- After so many days you called


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bishu's picture

Yeah Respected RB ... that guy is continually inspiring

Kudos to U and Mr Haque____ ~B~



roseblossoms's picture

Thank you bishu.  

Thank you bishu.