Fragrant as a rose blossom's perfume

the scent of her hair was simply divine

Soft as a rose petals succulent blooms

her dark colored skin sent chills down his spine


With lovely lips tinted a ruby-red

He could not resist thier powerful lure

He drew his lips closer to her and fed

upon her juicy lips craving even more


He let his tongue explore her inner mouth

and was lost in the passion of lust

His roaming hands explored her north and south

a few dangerous curves , her gorgeous bust


When the heat came to an orgasmic end

A wiff of her hair, lust  resumed again






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I've written poems on this topic and nearly melted down another pc. Lust is like love, just more hands on, huh? Enjoyed - Just Bein' Lady A



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More hands on! You made me

More hands on! You made me smile with that!  Indeed lust can melt the mightiest of men, why not a PC... Thanks for your comment!

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Wink! Thank you for stopping

Wink! Thank you for stopping by! Happy Halloween!