I Ponder Another day

Heartache & Sorrow


I ponder another day without love

is it possible to live without you?

It is like the night sky high above

without stars what would it do?


Perhaps that is why heaven cries

listening to the whispering winds

Raining down droplets from the sky

trying to capture a smile or grin


I ponder why the sun beams shine

its warmth upon the land so free

But within this lonely soul of mine

it fails too soothe the inner me


Tell me the secret of a warm smile

and I will tell you about my heart

How love never seems to stay awhile

and always seems to depart


I found love on a two way street

I guess you took the high road

and our distance grew by the feet

you hopped away like a toad


Yes, I ponder another day alone

without a meal to feed my soul

I wonder if you'll ever call my phone

or will I grow bitter and cold



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just pondering lol....

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