You Are A Creep

Time and distance was our enemy

we were too far away to meet

Then the distance got closer

 but yet too far to walk on our feet

Yet those were just excuses

that so many times you did repeat

Then you moved even closer

but to me that distance you kept discreet

how many lies did you tell me so

just to hide the name of your street

I ache for your touch and sweet smile

I am sure it would make me feel complete

Now that I know you are near

time is laid upon me like a feat

Not enough you can give me or spare

oh I imagine it to be so sweet

But the truth is you dont want to see me

while I lay down and cry in a heap

Some say time waits for nobody

but  I waited years, week after week

Message duly noted I waited too long

and now in my heart, you are a creep


Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummm Ok! I don't like liars. snake charmers, and creeps

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