the ode of a poet


Yes. the ode of the poet is to write

as many words as his hearts desire

To express his sweet soul ever so right

conveying passion like a live wire


Electrifying every single line

whether it be  true love, sadness, or joy

Perhaps intoxicating like fine wine

or painful as a heartache that destroys


And each line filled with finesse or rhyme

and prose also can be the next style

The secret is not to repeat thoughts, a crime

Its enough to drive the next reader wild


Yes, the ode of a poet is to write

and convey his sweet thoughts ever so right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ever so sweetly your words seem to convey the same theme

High and lows, you are typing the same words, thoughts and things

To make your words crisper perhaps you need to tune  them fine

diversity is the spice of life, its true of poetry that seems to rhyme

So we need to expand our expressions to find the right fit...


(Inspired by words of GOHIL, who said he was trying to expresss love poems

without sounding the same over and over....)


So onward we create looking for the souls passion to emit....


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