Whispers from Heaven

Whispers from heaven , the angels do sing

blessings to all that hear them rejoice

Heaven gazes down at all special things

only children can always hear their voice


A guardian angel to most if us here

though sight unseen do not doubt they are near

When the wind blows sweet songs you will hear

just listen carefully and have no fear 


Some say fate or good luck is all that exhist

like bright stardust it just simply does fall

But please do not cross the angels off your list

because some day you will hear them call


Whispers from heaven, the angels do sing

when heaven whispers, happiness it brings


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Very nicely presented Respected RB

Hark ! the heavens do indeed whisper

Swish of breeze we must hear

Deafening thunder renting the sky

Do we hear or are we deaf ? Why ?

God's angels sing through bird's throat

The singing nightingale on branch afloat

Someday we haughty humans'll shed coat

Join the  realm of heaven please note

But as long as we can breathe and live

Let us cradle the gods gifts and try to forgive

Soon in a whiff the last breath shall escape

I'll feel the angel's kiss on my neck's nape Laughing



roseblossoms's picture

Lovely Poem Mr. Bishu, Thanks

Lovely Poem Mr. Bishu, Thanks for  the read and creative flare!