Death whispered my name

Death whispered my name

it seduced me with is lure

peaceful , calm, serene,

some say the calling was pure


But I turned a deaf ear

The pain was ever strong

but to it I did not steer

I knew just where I belonged


Gazing at the world  from Earth

its was not time to die

From the moment of my birth

I was destined for the sky


So I would wait for God to call,

death was not a choice

I would not let myself ever fall

In Jesus Christ, my Lord, I rejoice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by Bishu: Rape of Death

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bishu's picture

OMG ! Respected RB !! Me inspiring a good poet like you

Feeling quite flattered .... Respected RB. There is a time for life and a time for death . Lets rejoice in life till our last breath.Why aren't you on my friend list ??

Thanks for reading "Rape of Death"



roseblossoms's picture

Yes, let us rejoice the life

Yes, let us rejoice the life we live

until our last breath may we dance a jig... LOL


Thanks for the inspiration.......add me if youi Like, all friendship invitations welcome! ;)