Underneath the Moon lit Night


We both danced underneath the moon lit night

while the stars dust in the sky sweetly chimed

Each beat was music to the stars so bright

of our tender hearts and soul so sublime


We kissed with every twinkle in the sky

as the star dust chimed its wonderful tune

Lover were jealous, let me tell you why

your hot kisses were sweeter than perfume


Yes, nobody could ever dance so sweet

as we were blessed  by the magic of love

Starry twinkles had  liven our two feet

like bright star dust chiming high up above


We both danced underneath the stars so bright ,

 lovers making love beneath the moon light


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    Sensational poem; you



Sensational poem; you have described love and passion so well. I enjoyed reading your poetry very much. Write more !




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Bathed in the milky shine

Bathed in the milky silver shine

Heady and intoxicating moonwine

Moonstruck lovers  hearts entwine

Eating grapes from love's vine

Such the concoction of night and moon

Even stubborn hardened lovers swoon

Gazing longingly into each other

For the eclipsed world dont bother



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That is gorgeous Bishu, love

That is gorgeous Bishu, love the ryhming ....


"eating grapes of love's vine" , oh how sweet

when lovers feast on the nectar they feel complete

When their love matures like fine wine

True love will nourish  the soul so divine

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Beautiful..... Respected RB

Beautiful..... Respected RB. If you leave the site, many of my instantaneous comments will vanish Frown



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dear roseblossoms, you outdo

dear roseblossoms, you outdo yourself every time!!! :) this is so wonderful... what else can i say? anything more would be less for you...

keep writin :) best wishes from me

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Dearest Stardust, your

Dearest Stardust, your comments always sparkle. Thank your for your wonderful review! Best wishes to you too!

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This is great. It has such a

This is great. It has such a light mood. I would call it eloquent.

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JASN, thank you so much for

JASN, thank you so much for your comment!  Its been awhile since I've come across the word eloquent,

its very sweet to receive such a fine complimet! Thank you!