The Good Lord waits for us all!

Heartache & Sorrow

The Good Lord waits for us all!


Though it's hard to see through all the tears

When heartache knocks at your door have no fear


The Goods Lord waits for us all


When the past creeps up and haunts the soul

Take a step back, remember the past is just old


Hold on to to your soul The Good Lord is near


Remember all humans will go through pain

spit out your tears, let them fall like the rain


The Lord blessed you here today


He loves your heart, and hears your pleas

from the darkness there will be light, you'll see


The Good Lord is just a whisper away


Get down on your knees and say that you will

Give life another chance, let your soul chill


The Good Lord he sees all your pain


"My child you will suffer as I did on the cross

But hold on to your sanity, hold on at all cost"


God Bless You!

May the darkness fade soon

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by touchofink:  wait for me


Have Faith that you shall see the light in the mist of darkness!

"There will always be a rainbow after the rains"

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Stardust's picture

wonderfully written! :) i

wonderfully written! :)

i agree with each n every word of yours :) great job

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Thanks Stardust! Wink, Wink!

Thanks Stardust! Wink, Wink! Or is that Twinkle, Twinkle, and shine! ;) BTW Love your new Profile PIC!

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hehe thankyu... :) was

hehe thankyu... :)

was searchin 4 a new one, n this one finally caught my eye :)