The Sun Never Beams at Night

The sun loved the moon with all her inner core

so every night she went away hiding her light,

so the moon could shine


" I would die a thousand deaths before I could steal

evern one beam from the moon"


The moon shined every night all alone

unware of the great love the sun had for him.


That is why the Sun never beams at night.

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Stardust's picture

wow, u're an adept at

wow, u're an adept at mythmaking

great to know why the sun never beams at night :p

nice read :)

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Oldie but Goldie Respected Dear RB

The celestial bodies in the night sky are indeed intriguing. The "Sun" is too powerful a light .... shading the moon from sight during day. Dear RB it is but the sun who lends his light for us to see the moon at night Smile



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Thanks Bishu! ;)

Indeed the sun does lend its light to the moon for reals

but in lovely, lovely fairy tales,  Love signs the deal

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Oh yes Respected Dear RB in dear ole Fairyland,fairies

Oh yes Respected Dear RB in dear ole Fairyland,fairies set the rules which are hilarious,lovely,colourful,dazzly and above all thoroughly enjoyable. I'm alive because I still delve in real elves,gnomes & fairies whom I live with . You're right.. love can make magic SmileSmile