At The Edge of the Cliff


I walk to the edge of the Cliff and stare

as I let the hot wind blow upon me

I am free to fall,.Does anyone care?

Just the bright rays of the sun hears my plea


The echoes of nature are all around

The song birds chirping in the trees near by

The rattle snakes crawling on the firm ground

The squirrel fighting  in a tree way up high


Like a sun bathing lizard I stand still

the hot breezes burning my sun  baked skin

Should I jump down the Cliff at my free will

or should I let the  sly Devil push me in?


Downward I plunge with a smile left behind

before me, my sweet memories rewind


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A unconventional sonnet!  Tis beauty in freedom! Don't box your self up, let yourself fall!

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Stardust's picture

so this is what they call a

so this is what they call a true poem!! :D 'tis all about letting go...

ur imagery, blended with d emotions, as always is top notch. a fantastic read :) keep 'em comin' ...

roseblossoms's picture

Not sure what the proper name

Not sure what the proper name to call it, but during my last few walks in  nature I came across lizards, snakes, and birds....Thought I would incorporate reality with poetry! Smiles... Thanks for the wonderful comment!