Stardust In my Eyes


Twas the gleam of magic in the night air

There before my eyes a glowing twinkle

A light so bright in my soul it did glare

Far into deep space at every wrinkle


Was tiny Stardust dancing with such grace

moving so wildly my heart did flutter

Almost calling out to me" join the race"

whispering its  magic my soul did mutter


"Oh Stardust I ache to be by your side

dancing in the heavens of the dark night

Flying through the open spaces so wide

Twinkling ever so brightly and so right"


I closed my eyes and I was soaring high

dancing with sweet Stardust, my soul did fly


Author's Notes/Comments: 

LOL this was inspired by Stardust.....


Tis sweeter to speak of glowing things

than a boken heart  :)


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Stardust's picture

amazing!! n good word play on

amazing!! n good word play on the title...:p

even my original name doesnt inspire me this much.well m glad at least my pen name inspires some1 this talentd, in such a grt way :)

i would b more than glad 2 give up my name for u tho :) clearly, u do more justice to the word than i could ever do, n u deserve it more.just say it out loud for 1ce lol :D

roseblossoms's picture

Oh Star Dust!  Thank your

Oh Star Dust!  Thank your kindly, I love the name and thought! But I am a flower girl all the way! I love taking pictures of flowers!   I do thank you for the inspiration though!  So what is your Other name? 


Oh you meant your Real Born name ? NO matter you are talented too! Keep up the good work!