Moon-lit Ripples


I know I can survive another night
watching the moonlit ripples of the sea
How it caressed your lovely face so right
your moon-lit smile gazing back at me

Yes, the moon light kissed your last smile away
Your good-bye line to me was delivered
Sitting by the edge of the tides each day
in the cold night air my soul doth shiver

Each ripple does echo into my soul
reminding me of your moonlit smile
The flowing tides and bright moon-lit glow
 Rippling upon the sea for awhile

Perhaps I think that it doth bring me peace

the serenity of moon beams released

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Stardust's picture

such an amazing read!!

such an amazing read!! :D

best wishes from me, keep writin' :)

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Thank you Stardust, sonnets

Thank you Stardust, sonnets are fun, I like the rules and rhymes....Smiles  keep on Shining!