A world filled with Stardust

Beyond the grey hopeless world,

where empty figures nightly swirl

Is my face buried into my knees

screaming at the angels hear my pleas

I take a fist and brandish it to the skies

ask the lord for the reasons why

A hopeless world paints my eyes?

Oh why dear Lord this grey world

does fills my lonely soul?

The empty figures start to fill will pain

deadly echoes  fell like the monsoon rains

The answer lies within my very heart

Lonliness piercing my soul like a dart

So it all became ever so clear 

The hallow world was made of fears

Oh dear Lord lift my fears, let another

rain wash away my tears


So down on my knees the sky turned blue

and my tear soaked soul finally knew

To look beyond the empty hallow frames

Where sunshine beams beyond its flames

A world full of stardust and heavenly dreams

where stars twinkle under moon lit beams

The angels came down to rescue me, lifted

my soul for an eternity!

"Listen my child " the angels said

"you are not alone, its just the demons

that haunt your head"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by Stardust: a hopeless world  http://www.postpoems.org/authors/stardust/poem/985849

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Stardust's picture

really?? :D omg dats so sweet

really?? :D omg dats so sweet of you :)

glad i could inspire u so much that that you actually wrote a poem just because of it

n seriously, this one's far better and makes more sense than mine does :) kudos to you!!!

roseblossoms's picture

Oh Stardust, your poem is

Oh Stardust, your poem is excellent, I liked it very much! Thanks for the inspiration! :) and your comment is lovely!  Thank you!